If you love to cook, but hate the clutter or lack of quality tools in your kitchen, we hear you. Get ready to meet your new BFF, Misen’s Cook Sharp Knife, which is here to save the day and revolutionize cooking as you know it. The kick-butt and self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, cooks and designers behind this beauty have come together to rally around a single mission: Produce an out-of-this-world knife that will get people back into the kitchen — and do it in affordable style. This knife is designed to replace your whole knife set and give you the ease and satisfaction that can only come from having the absolutely perfect tool for the job.


Jumping on the bandwagon of the manufacturer-to-consumer trend, Misen cuts out (see what we did there?) the middle man to get a high-quality knife in your hands at a lower cost without sacrificing quality. These people are seriously passionate about what they do, and they don’t think price should stand in the way of a wonderful cooking experience for all. That’s an idea we can definitely get down with.


In designing the knife, which is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, Misen has really thought of everything, including the user experience. Designed to not only feel great and fit naturally in your hand, the knife is also expertly crafted to give you the highest amount of control possible over your slicing. With a blade as sharp and efficient as this one, that level of control is a beautiful thing.


Misen’s Brooklyn-based team has spent the last 18 months refining their designs in their quest to make a revolutionary knife, and they’ve got the sketches and prototypes to prove it. Have we mentioned that the knife comes with free sharpening for life? It does. Now that’s dedication.


If you are ready to go all the way and start your kitchen re-vamp, you can pledge $55 on their Kickstarter campaign. There’s hardly another crew of people who deserve to be celebrated more than creators and makers. Here’s to the day when all objects will be as carefully and passionately crafted as Misen’s knife, when objects will come straight to us from the geniuses that make them. Imagine a whole kitchen — or home! — full of maker-made gadgets like this. Swoon.

What do you think of this all-in-one knife? Got anything chop-ready front of mind? Sound off in the comments below!