Celebrities these days are all about being multiple-threat entities. The actress-director, the model-singer, the musician-author… nobody does just one thing anymore. And we can now add one more title to that list: chef. In the past, we had to wait for them to release a cookbook, but now thanks to social media, it has become much easier to catch a glimpse into the daily lives of our favorite celebs. Check out these 12 celebs who love to cook and show off their chops in the kitchen with some seriously drool-worthy Instagram pics. Bon appétit!


1. @chrissyteigen: She’s funny, gorgeous, makes up one half of the world’s most adorable couple and the girl can cook? Chrissy Teigen, we would like to be bffs.


2. @lobosworth: Lo Bosworth has come a long way from The Hills. As a student at the International Culinary Center, Lo shows off her love of farm-to-table cuisine on her website The Lo Down, as well as on her Instagram page.


3. @jessicaalba: As the founder of The Honest Company, we already know Jessica Alba is all about non-toxic, healthy and natural products to care for your little ones. So it’s no surprise that she has the same approach to her cooking.


4. @oprah: We already trust in Oprah to tell us what books to read next, and we have no problem eating whatever she’s serving up too. Also, how great is her lounging-at-home style?


5. @msleamichele: Lea Michele is all about healthy living, so her feed is filled with workout shots and fresh produce that makes us want to take a huge bite out of a bunch of kale. We’re sure this Italian feast she’s cooking is delicious and nutritious.


6. @blakelively: There are so many reasons to be jealous of Blake Lively. She has amazing style (maternity or otherwise), her hair can literally do no wrong and she cooks and bakes like a pro. Be sure to follow @preserve_us for more of her delectable recipes.


7. @laurenconrad: Did you guys know Lauren Conrad can cook?? Just kidding, we know this comes as a surprise to exactly zero of you. But what would a celeb post about cooking be without our favorite pie-maker? (Photo via @laurenconrad_com)


8. @sausageandboots: Kelis is whipping up more than milkshakes these days. The Cordon Bleu graduate is a bona fide chef and also has her own line of sauces called Bounty and Full. (Photo via @bountyandfull)


9. @gwynethpaltrow: Whether you love her or hate her (or love to hate her), there’s no denying that Gwyneth Paltrow has skills in the kitchen.


10. @padmalakshmi: As the long-time host and judge of Top Chef, we excpect nothing less from this former model and cookbook author. Now if only we could eat like this and still look as good as Padma Lakshmi.


11. @kristincavallari: Was there something in the water at The Hills that turned all these girls into great cooks? Keep an eye out for Kristin Cavallari’s new book, Balancing on Heels, for the recipe to these cookies and much more.


12. @officialjdunn: Jourdan Dunn, oh how we love thee. When she isn’t rocking angel wings on the runway, Dunn hosts her own YouTube cooking channel called Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn. Guest stars include her fellow models Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss.

Who is your favorite celebrity chef? Let us know in the comments below.