Yeah, you may be busy lounging by the pool or indulging in some mouthwatering BBQ celebrating Fourth of July, but that doesn’t mean your phone isn’t hungry for the best apps of the week. Give your device a mid-summer makeover with a handful of new apps offering up style advice, DIY emoji stickers and more. You know your phone of choice has been lacking in those departments.

pin and tucker

1. Pin + Tucker: Solo shopping can be a blast and also a major stress reliever, but sometimes those excursions are void of friendly feedback. That’s where this fashionable app comes in. Head to the dressing room, snap some mirror selfies working it in all the potential outfits and instantly get advice from your most trusted sources: your BFFs. You’ll never regret a purchase ever again. Well, that’s probably still debatable…

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2. Emu: Avid lovers of GIFs, always wishing you could star in your own set of animated art? Now’s the time to make those daydreams a reality with this fun new tool. Snap some selfies, upgrade that dull background behind you, throw some comic book text over top and before you know it you’ll have a full keyboard of animated GIFs featuring the coolest subject — you!

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3. Radar: Does anyone really, actually, truly use their contact list anymore? Switch over to this app and you’ll easily find the most important people in your life based on activity related to you instead of by the ABC’s. By integrating your email, social media accounts and more, you’ll be able to see what’s happening with those you actually communicate with on a regular basis while placing the endless array of numbers you rarely call at the bottom. This is efficiency at its finest.

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4. Jaha: If access to people that will motivate and push you to work out helps you to remain active and fit, this is the app you need to download. The fitness-based social media network helps you find workout buddies, running partners and even people to compete with in achieving training goals. Add this health-promoting app to your phone and you’ll be feeling healthier and meeting like-minded people in no time.

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urban engines maps

5. Urban Engines Maps: Commuters, you’re going to LOVE this app. Filled with info on getting from point A to B as efficiently as possible with mixed-mode routes and Uber integration, you’ll be arriving at your destination happier and faster than ever before. Better yet, you’ll never feel lost in your city or vacation destination again with this travel app’s X-ray mode, one-touch directions (drag + drop the pin) and offline maps. We truly love technology, especially when it comes to guiding us to places <3

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What apps are you DLing this week? Share those apps with us in the comments.