After what seemed like a VERY prolonged nine months, Beyoncé’s twins have arrived in all their glory, driving the internet absolutely bonkers.

While nothing has yet to be confirmed by Beyoncé or her rep, outlets such as US Weekly are reporting that they’ve confirmed the sexes of the twins with multiple sources close to the happy couple, with other publications such as Cosmopolitan following suit.

As it turns out, fans didn’t have it quite right way back in March with their predictions for two boys, nor did BarackObama, who was believed to have given away an announcement of two baby girls. Together, though, we have a winner: Blue Ivy now has both a baby brother and a baby sister to speak of, according to the aforementioned outlets.

It also confirms what E!, who reported on a woman entering an LA hospital with “Baby Boy” and “Baby Girl” balloons and a card marked for “B&J,” has presumed for a few days now.

We cannot WAIT to hear what these two little darlings will be named! Congrats again, Bey and Jay!

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(h/t US Weekly; photos via Christopher Polk/Getty)