It’s chic Halloween week here at Brit HQ, which means we’re going black and white with all of our decorations. It’s a bit Beetlejuice-esque, and totally stylish. But black and white decor is obviously a staple year round. To expand on the trend, here are our top 21 home and style DIY all in the basic palette. Be sure to tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!

1. Striped Vinyl Chair: Who knew spray painting vinyl was so easy? This striped desk chair makes this office nook super glam. (via Little Green Notebook)

2. Printed Tea Towels: Thank goodness this DIY is so simple since the instructions are in German. You could use either tea towels or cloth napkins. (via Mamas Kram)

3. Nightstand: This black trimmed nightstand has a little extra touch with a bit of sparkle on each corner. (via Ginger and Gold)

4. Sequin Jewelry: These simple pieces are made with stacked sequins for a look that’s subtle but still festive. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Hi Painting: One of our favorites from our DIY wall art roundup, this simple sponge painting looks great in black and white. (via I Spy DIY)

6. Dot Painting: This simple DIY looks great in an office space. All you have to do is choose between a black or white mat.(via Danielle Oakey Interiors)

7. Typography Painting: We love this nod to classic typography. And it makes it even better that they are in embroidery hoops. (via BHG)

8. Striped Wall: If you want to go big with your black and white decor, try this tutorial for adding stripes to your wall. It looks great in this nursery! (via House to Home)

9. Lightbulb Lampshade: This simple line drawing lampshade is one of our favorite ways to make your shade pop. (via Jade and Fern)

10. Hand-Stamped Pony Dress: Make your own stamp for this printed dress. If ponies aren’t your thing try another animal or a geometric print. (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Envelope Clutch: This clutch is actually made of a plastic envelope folder covered in fabric. It’s the perfect simple and chic DIY. (via Two Material Girls)

12. Striped Dishes: Yes, we’re using these for our Chic Halloween party, but these dishes are great for any occasion. (via Brit + Co.)

13. Woven Rug: Don’t spend a fortune on an area rug, instead create your own by piecing several smaller ones together like the one in this tutorial. (via A Beautiful Mess)

14. Striped Bangle: Upgrade a plain white bangle with a few black stripes, or get more creative and go for a chevron or herringbone pattern. (via Starburst Studio)

15. Striped Planter: This might be the easiest DIY in the bunch! All you need is a roll of black electrical tape and a white planter. (via Fairy in the House)

16. Ikat Umbrella: Use your existing outdoor umbrella as a pattern to make this stylish ikat version. You’ll need to break out the sewing machine for this one! (via Emerson Grey Designs)

17. Black & White Mani: The sky’s the limit when it comes to the fun geometric patterns you can dream up in black and white. It’s always best to start simple, and embellish carefully. (via A Beautiful Mess)

18. Beaded Wallets: This sleek beaded pouch can be made in less than 30 minutes, and it’s a great upgrade on a basic piece. (via Brit + Co.)

19. Knit Checkerboard Blanket: For any knitters out there, this checkerboard blanket is easy, but a bit on the time consuming side. We’d recommend saving it for winter weekends. (via Enjoy It)

20. Striped Jersey Dress: This simple jersey dress starts out with a T-shirt and a skirt pieces together of black and white fabric. It’s a great beginner project. (via Delia Creates)

21. Checkerboard Cake: We had to have an edible DIY in here somewhere! This checkerboard cake is one of our favorites, and it’s deceptively easy. Check out the tutorial. (via A Subtle Revelry)

Do you have black and white in your decor at all? Tell us in the comments!