The world of 3D printing has certainly come a long way. You can print cookies, cookie cutters, and containers to hold your cookies in, but what about 3D printing something that lets you clean your teeth after you go to town on a whole plate of chocolate chip cookies? Introducing Blizzident, a 3D printed toothbrush tailored to your teeth. And you only have to brush for six seconds. What!?

Walking the line between totally creepy and totally cool, Blizzident looks like a Halloween costume and dentistry torture device in one, but it actually aims to change the world of at home dental hygiene with one simple brush.

Here’s how it works:

Your dentist takes an impression or scan of your teeth, and sends it to a dental lab. They scan it, create a digital 3D model, and uploaded to the Blizzident server.

Your toothbrush is created! The bristles are designed to be placed on your teeth in a 45 degree angle, and additional bristles align along your gum line at the same angle.

Instead of brushing by manually moving the brush back and forth, you simply bite and grind your teeth for a few seconds. Six seconds, to be exact. Miraculously, all of your teeth are cleaner than they ever have been before, and you just brushed all of them at the same time. Kind of amazing, eh?

More importantly, the design of this toothbrush is all about eliminating user error. Traditional toothbrushes are only as good the brusher, and let’s be honest, we don’t all spend as much time as we should on our teeth.

Ready for a crazy bonus? The Blizzident is designed with holes or slits for you to route (yes, route) dental floss through. So you can floss with it as well. Wow.

Each Blizzident lasts one year, and you can sign up to receive a new one annually.

Would you order one? Too non-traditional and futuristic? Or interesting in that it might improve the state of your teeth in a matter of seconds? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.