Feed your goldfish. Clean its tank. PLAY with your goldfish? That’s never been on the daily checklist until Bloop came along. The adorably named gadget sets out to make your one-on-one tank time more engaging. And the solution: bubble rings!

The periscope-like device is poised to turn Nemo into man’s new best friend… if your fish takes the bait. The best-case scenario plays out like this: You set Bloop on the bottom of your fish tank, preferably away from that mechanical treasure chest toy or turreted castle — you’re gonna want to give your gilled friend some space. Then, squeeze the trigger to shoot glorious rings of bubbles into the tank, and watch your fish bullseye through each one. High fin, buddy!

The question is, will your fish care? Even if it does, will it have the coordination — the will, the dedication — to nail it every time like a Siegfried and Roy tiger? We kind of hope so. But if your goldfish turns out to be more of a wallflower than you supposed, Bloop still acts as a standard aquarium bubbler, creating oxygen even when it’s not in use.

Not surprisingly, Bloop is another kooky creation from the gang of influencers at Quirky. The interactive fish toy is still under development: The design is pretty much finalized, but the product itself has to be manufactured and priced out, which means you can actually get in on the pricing action (that’s what makes Quirky products sooo cool!). Suggested prices are hovering between $13-$17 — if that seems a little fishy to you, just swim on over to join the discussion!

How much would you pay for Bloop? Have you helped influence a Quirky product before? What other inventive gadgets have caught your eye lately? Tell us in the comments below.