If you’re an outdoorsy type, you probably have one too many backpacks in your arsenal. And you find yourself thinking you still another one for biking, yet another one for back country skiing, and could use an update on your daypack. Well you’re in luck, because the Bootlegger is the backpack for you.

Seeking funding over on our friend Kickstarter, Bootlegger is the latest innovation from San Francisco-based adventure company, Boreas Gear. It is a modular pack system that allows you to swap between different packs depending on your adventure. It’s as much for folks who dabble in outdoor adventures as it is for extreme sportsmen. Choose between a small pack for quick adventures, a standard daypack for longer excursions, and add on a dry-bag for days when you’re in the snow, rain, or at the beach.

The base of the pack is the Triple-Tramp Suspension. If you have no idea what these words mean, you are not alone. It’s a new kind of modular back panel that allows the user to swap seamlessly from pack to pack.

The Super-Tramp Suspension allows you to adjust the pack’s suspension with a simple tug of a strap. This means that, if you’re using the smallest pack, you can easily adjust it for biking, running, and hiking.

The smallest pack is the Torpedo, a pack perfect for trail running, cycling, or daytime trips where you only need essentials. It includes a hydration port so you can stay fueled up on H20. It also includes a bike light loop for late night rides.

Next up is the Hopper Daypack. This is a simple, no nonsense daypack perfect for a range of activities, and even makes a great commuter bag.

And last, we’ve got the Scrimshaw, the ultimate dry-bag. Slip this over the Hopper and your backpack is instantly waterproof and fully submersible. Bring on the snow, ocean, and rain!

The Bootlegger will be available in a range of colors but starting with two basic color ways to kick things off. A pledge of $190 will get you the whole Bootlegger Modular Pack System, but you can also opt for a la carte options if you’re not quite ready to commit. We’re in!

What do you think of the Bootlegger? What other clever convertible bags have you seen lately? Talk to us in the comments below.