You know we’ve got it bad for easy-to-care-for succulents and air plants. Well, now we’ve got a whole bunch of plants, planters and plant-inspired products in the B+C Shop! Peep nine of our faves right here (oo, and don’t forget that shipping is only $1 on all orders through Friday! #Score!).

1. Walnut Mini Knot Planter ($32): The hand-bent wood knot is artfully crafted using a piece of conifer wood. Each planter comes with an invisible wire for hanging, and an oh-so-fitting air plant.

2. Wild Fern Leather Sunglass Case ($40): Stash your sunnies in this tropical leather case made of smooth cream leather with a natural suede interior and hand painted with a vibrant green fern leaf pattern.

3. Chevron Hanging Planter ($44): Hand-pinched and shaped, the planter is then hand-carved with intricate patterns in the technique of sgraffito. It’s then assembled with eco-friendly hemp cord for hanging inside or outside.

4. Cactus and Succulent Print ($28): If you’re not up for taking care of actual plants, a print of plants should do the trick.

5. Mini Cork Planter ($25): These hand-turned cork planters are designed specifically for desert plants such as succulents and cacti. Each planter is rough on the outside with a smooth interior, and the natural porousness of the cork makes it the perfect vehicle for a plant!

6. Graffiti Stanhope Throw Pillow ($125): How does graffiti relate to plants? Well, have you seen this pillow? Kaleidscope-like patterns and verdant green hues create a pretty darn mesmerizing pillow. Yes, a pillow can be mesmerizing.

7. North Woods Candle ($16): Another in our series of custom candles from the folks at Greenmarket Purveying Co., this hand-poured scent was created to evoke forest-centric adventures, no matter where you are.

8. Wanderlust Seaside Scarf ($70): Inspired by an illustration of Florida town, Seaside, this summery scarf is the perfect layer for a brisk sandy stroll.

9. Magnetic Wood Planter ($20): Liven up any metal surface with this charming magnetic planter. We love the idea of putting a whole bunch of these along the length of a metal column or on the fridge.

Get your shop on this week with $1 shipping on all orders through Friday!

What kind of planters do you have in your home? What’s your favorite type of plant? Talk to us over on Twitter!