We all know the drill with online flower delivery services: annoying pop-up ads, attention-grabbing offers followed by all kinds of “fees” and the disappointingly wilted flowers that finally show up on your doorstep after a week. What’s a busy girl looking for fresh blooms to do in this digital age? Fire up your laptops, because we discovered to perfect solution to your flower-ordering woes: Bouqs.

Naturally shortened from “bouquets,” Bouqs is all about getting the flowers straight from the farmers to your doorstep with a quick, easy and no-gimmicks process. Their online platform could not be more sigh-of-relief worthy: You simply scroll through Instagram-style pics of the beautiful arrangements and click on the one you want. For a flat $40, you get a perfect “bouq” delivered to you — no hidden fees, no delivery costs, no annoying up-sells and an ingenious three-click checkout. Sign. Us. Up.

As if the logistics weren’t enough to make us order, the product itself is truly next-level quality. They harvest their flowers from the an eco-farm on the side of a volcano — seriously! Apparently, growing blooms 10,000 feet above sea level means lots and lots of sun, which in turn means more color. You can totally tell the difference: These flowers are beautiful and ridiculously fresh.

Bouqs partners with artisan florists all over the country to create their arrangements. The variety is astounding: roses in colors you’ve never imagined, blooms you thought only existed on Pinterest and yes, even succulents in their arrangements. It’s basically flower heaven.

So whether you’re going for a one-click order or even a subscription curated by their flower concierge (yes, that’s a thing), you can feel good about it. Direct-from-farmer flowers means the eco-farmers are getting paid what they deserve, which helps them maintain their responsible farming practices. Talk about win-win.

So let us know: Will you be getting flowers hand-delivered to your home from a volcano? Tell us in the comments!