We’re big fans of beautiful, meaningful family tattoos (remember this dad who turned his kid’s doodles into permanent body art?). And apparently Brad Pitt is too. The 51-year-old actor’s newest ink resembles a two-cell chart with “A” on the top left (presumably for Angelina) and “MPZSVK” on the top right side representing the first initial of his six children’s names.


But Pitt and Angelia Jolie aren’t exactly newbies when it comes to tats — in fact, we wonder if Brad had to give Angelina the imitation-is-the-sincerest-form-of-flattery talk afterwards, since the actress has had her own family tattoo featuring map coordinates of the birthplaces of all her children for years now.

But the duo, who are coming up on their one-year anniversary in August, is far from the only people to use body art as a way to honor family. Since we’re pretty sure you’ll want to get your own now, here’s some inspiration for before you hit the tattoo parlor:

kelly tree

1. Tree of Life: Playing off of the family tree, this family got unique tree tattoos to represent their heritage. (via @kellyty13)


2. Home Sweet Home: A whimsical replication of her grandma’s house and the flowers she grew in her garden makes for one happy, yet sentimental tat. (via @sienna_jacobsen)


3. Count Off: Now these siblings will never forget what order they were born in — or how many of them there are! (via @beardwhisperer_caleb)


4. Cartoon Portraits: Is it wrong to wish we were in his family so a permanent caricature of our face would forever live on someone’s arm? (via @gerardelteil)


5. Special Signature: We love these matching tattoos siblings got to honor their late mother with her handwriting <3 (via @tattletaleskidswear)


6. Point the Way: We’re guessing these three arrows for three siblings helps them stay connected and on the right track. We’re all about that minimalist design, too. (via @shain85)


7. Small Secrets: With this tiny tattoo, roman numerals represent a discreet nod to family, but keeps the meaning private. (via @zumviay)

Tell us: Would you ever get a tattoo to honor your family and what would it look like?

(h/t E!, Photo via Chung Sung-Jun/Getty)