With all the great breakfast recipes out there, it can be difficult to try each one on any given Sunday. And since brekkie is pretty much our favorite meal and we have a huge back log of delicious recipes on our Pinterest boards, we decided that it is time to start eating breakfast for dinner! From delicious hashes to skillet bakes and even some sweet eats, these dishes will be a welcome addition to any dinner table. So as you put together your weekly menu, take note of these mouthwatering recipes that will have you beggin’ for more.

breakfast casserole

1. Breakfast Casserole: All that potato and sausage goodness shouldn’t be saved only for the holiday guests. Treat your family to a breakfast treat at dinnertime. (via Gimme Some Oven)

waffle tacos

2. Waffle Tacos: Waffles FTW. This is probably the best combination of breakfast foods we’ve ever seen. (via Brit + Co)

breakfast grilled cheese

3. Breakfast Grilled Cheese: Now who would’ve thought that eggs and sausage would pair so well on a grilled cheese? This might also be a great lunchtime bite. (via Soup Addict)

cheesy hashbrown skillet

4. Cheesy Hashbrown Skillet: You know how we love those one-pan meals? This breakfast skillet is another one to add to the list for its deliciousness and easy cleanup. (via Tablespoon)

breakfast pizza

5. Breakfast Pizza: This recipe makes it official: You really can make a perfect pizza with just about anything. We wouldn’t mind eating these leftovers for breakfast too. (via How Sweet It Is)


6. Savory Waffles: Turns out maple syrup isn’t the only amazing topping for waffles. You’ve just gotta try this savory gravy and cheese tower. (via Beyond Mere Sustenance)


7. Baked Indian Shakshuka: One thing we love about eggs is that they go well with everything, including this savory tomato sauce with coconut milk, ginger and Indian spices. (via Avocado a Day Nutrition)

french toast bites

8. French Toast Bites: The kids are guaranteed to love this one. You can choose their favorite fruit for your skewers or just roll with whatever is in season. (via A Beautiful Mess)

breakfast tacos

9. Breakfast Tacos: It’s time to shake up taco night with these breakfast tacos. They’ll ask for them again and again. (via How Sweet It Is)

baked egg baguette

10. Baked Egg Baguette: If you’re cooking a breakfast-inspired dinner for one, try out this egg baked right inside a baguette. You can make as many as you like and eat them all week long. (via Eat Well 101)

breakfast slab pie

11. Breakfast Slab Pie: How about the perfect mix of eggs, potatoes and spinach? We think that sounds lovely. (via Smitten Kitchen)


12. Biscuits and Gravy Skillet Bake: This is comfort food at its finest right here. There is nothing better than a large plate of gravy goodness on a chilly evening. (via Cooking and Beer)

quiche cups

13. Mini Quiche Cups: Whether you stuff it with mozzarella and peppers, or colby jack and sausage, these quiche cups will be your new favorite dinner dish. (via Gimme Delicious)

bacon waffle bake

14. Maple Bacon Waffle Bake: Hey look! It’s our three favorite breakfast foods baked into maple oblivion for dinner. #YUM (via Tablespoon)

sweet potato hash

15. Sweet Potato and Sausage Skillet: Putting sweet potatoes in your hash is probably the best idea since sliced bread. You’ll make this swap for all your hash recipes forever after. (via Delicious Meets Healthy)

cauliflower breakfast pizza

16. Cauliflower Crust Pizza: If you’re in the market for a healthy breakfast-for-dinner recipe, you’ll want to check out this breakfast pizza with cauliflower crust. Trust us, you won’t even miss the grain. (via Brit + Co)

breakfast burritos

17. Breakfast Burritos: Make them savory or make them sweet. Either way, a breakfast burrito for dinner will hit the spot. (via Sprouted Kitchen)


18. Mocha Buttermilk Pancakes: When you’re eating pancakes for dinner, it’s perfectly acceptable to flavor them a little sweeter than you would for breakfast. (via Offbeat and Inspired)

veggie quiche

19. Veggie Quiche: Put all that fresh farmers’ market produce to good use in this cheesy quiche. We suggest making a plate of bacon on the side for good measure. (via The Everyday Chef and Wife)

egg avocado toast

20. Egg, Avocado and Kale Toast: This recipe is not only simple to make, but it’s also a powerhouse of good-for-you food. (via The Delicious Life)

breakfast quesadillas

21. Breakfast Quesadilla: Yes, we’re thinking Mexican again. Because if you’ve never tried a breakfast quesadilla, you haven’t lived. (via The Pioneer Woman)

savory waffle batter

22. Savory Waffle Batter: Making your waffles with a bit of cornmeal will definitely open up your options for savory toppings. Pass the sour cream and chives, please. (via Guilty Kitchen)

onion ring stacks

23. Onion Ring Breakfast Stacks: While we’re talking savory, why not make a stack of fried onion rings and eggs and sausage? After one bite, you’ll be adding this to your weekly rotation for sure. (via Foxes Love Lemons)

What is your favorite breakfast recipe to eat for dinner? Share it with us below!