And just like that, it’s Friday again. Who doesn’t love a short week? More importantly, who doesn’t love the fact that a pepperoni pizza towel exists? No one. No one doesn’t love that ;) Now, on to the BritList.

1. The Pepperoni Pizza Towel ($60): We need this towel ASAP, and we need to plan a picnic pizza party to go with it.

2. Popcorn Monsoon: This gorgeous popper is a modern take on popcorn making that takes inspiration from both old- and new-school gadgets. We love the retro vibe of this popcorn popper, and would happily display it on our kitchen counters.

3. Dot Art Print: We’re going dotty for this graphic print by artist Elisabeth Fredrikkson. (h/t Design Milk)

4. Longport Necklace ($150): This stunner features finely cut wood bars dotted with gold leaf here and there. It carries the silhouette of a more formal statement necklace, but is made of black walnut and maple plywood, giving it a warm, natural feel.

5. #Insta-crushing on Maria Marie: Pantone Sprinkles, Kisses, Petals and Washi Tape? Oh hell yes. This series, and Maria Marie’s entire Instagram feed, is a MUST-follow for sure.

6. The Meatloaf Cupcake: Yep. Those words now go together: Meatloaf. Cupcake. Please discuss. (h/t Refinery29)

7. Chipped Manicure Tips: Frustrated that your manicure chips just days after you get your nails done? Check out these no-fail tips for sprucing up your nails in a matter of minutes.

8. Burrito Baby Blanket ($57): OMG. All the #babiesofbritandco need this blanket immediately.

9. Kanye West vs Your Creative Director: Just. THIS.

10. Modern Wall Clock Kit ($30): Want to make your own swoon-worthy statement clock? We’ve got a kit for that! :)

11. Luna Smartbed: With seven days left to fundraise, this amazing Indiegogo project is already at seven times its goal. That’s because it’s one of the smartest innovations we’ve seen in a while — it’s a mattress smart cover that you can control through an app. You can program the temperature of your bed ahead of time, and the cover monitors and evaluates your sleep quality and cycles. And, like many activity trackers, you can even program it to wake you up at the right moment in your sleep cycle, so you won’t be as groggy in the morning. A pledge of $199 gets you first on the list to smarten up your bedroom!

12. Best Day Ever Cozy ($5): For today, tomorrow and all those future best days ever.

Happy Friday!