Last week we launched a brand new category on Brit + Co, Weddings, to make wedding planning for budget-friendly brides as stress-free as possible. This week I’m thrilled to share with you the debut of another new Brit + Co category, one that’s a little more personal to me… Brit’s Blog!

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I’m sure you’re thinking, “Brit’s Blog? What exactly does that mean? Isn’t Brit + Co itself technically content related to Brit?”

Well, yes. B+C has always been about producing a variety of inspiring, shareable and Pin-worthy content on a daily basis, created from our talented community of writers.

With that said, Brit’s Blog is a new category that gives me an outlet to share my personal ideas, thoughts, tips, news and more. Basically, I want all of YOU to get to know Brit (AKA… me!) even better.

What should you expect to read from this Brit’s-eye view column? Glad you asked. This section of the site will include everything from professional girlboss insight (resume must-haves and avoid-at-all-cost mistakes) to learnings from being a startup founder and keys to beating that afternoon slump without junk food. I’ll also be sharing more personal topics, like filling you in on my secrets for balancing work vs family, budget-friendly travel tips and tricks, my go-to entertainment outlets and even some of my personal favorite DIYs from the site. Stay tuned ;)

And though much of my new blog content will be written content, I’m also taking a brave step in launching a whole new video series called Brit IRL! (No, seriously, this is a very brave step considering I’m kicking it all off while 7+ months preggers. God help me.)

Brit IRL is a casual and informative weekly series where I’ll literally take you on a trip through my real life adventures. Watch as I try out new things (like riding a three-wheel go car down the crookedest street in SF… what?!), tag along on my daily CEO adventures (from TODAY show appearances to one-on-one meetings with big brand execs) and even head home with me to see what life is like outside the office.

As much fun as it’s been to build B+C over the past four years, I’ve really missed having my own voice on the site. It’s how I got started in the early days, and I’m more excited than ever to bring it back. I hope you’ll follow along!



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