UDPATE: Madison Beer insists she is NOT dating Beckham, though the two do appear to be headed in a romantic direction. 鈥淚鈥檓 18, trying to navigate my life鈥 there鈥檚 obviously boys that I crush on, but I鈥檓 very much single鈥 she told BUILD Series. With regard to her rumored companion, she says, 鈥淚鈥檝e known Brooklyn for years, we鈥檝e been really close. We鈥檙e definitely crushing on each other, but we鈥檙e both very busy. Every time I鈥檓 seen with him, people are like, 鈥極h my God! They鈥檙e boyfriend and girlfriend! We hang out every day with our group of friends. We鈥檙e just having fun right now ,and rumors are going to get started.鈥

It was just last summer that we were mourning the loss of one of our favorite young Hollywood couples: Brooklyn Beckham and Chlo毛 Grace Moretz. The pair that once seemed so in love with all their public shows of affection were ultimately driven apart by distance, and now, Beckham is moving on with a brand new young lady: one with a face you just may recognize.

The woman in question is none other than Madison Beer, the YouTuber-turned-pop-star who was famously discovered by fellow singer Justin Bieber when he caught the then 13-year-old鈥檚 stellar cover of Etta James鈥 鈥淎t Last.鈥

聽People confirmed the news of Beckham and Beer鈥檚 coupling after fans spotted them out and about at a concert in California and again during a shopping trip in LA.

The news comes several weeks after an old audio recording of Beer鈥檚 ex-boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky, verbally abusing the singer surfaced online, which both she and Gilinsky addressed via social media. The 18-year-old chanteuse urged other young women who might be in her position to speak up and take action should they find themselves in a similar situation. 鈥淣othing is worth your safety or happiness,鈥 she wrote. 鈥淪peak out.鈥

It certainly appears that she鈥檚 now moving toward her own happiness in choosing Beckham, who once gave his own ex some pretty stellar advice regarding positivity, as a partner. 鈥淎ll young women are more beautiful than they think, you know,鈥 he reportedly told Moretz.

Here鈥檚 to wishing all the best for the new couple!

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(h/t People; photos via Dave M. Benett + John Phillipps/Getty)