We know you’ve got this whole healthy pregnancy thing on lock. You’ve found your favorite La Croix mocktail recipe, you’re meditating every morning, and you’re following Rosie Pope’s pregnancy health plan to a chia seed-covered T. You’ve even given up your beloved daily green juice, since unpasteurized products are a major pregnancy no-no (you don’t want to mess with E.coli and salmonella!). Which is exactly why we’re here with Whitney Port, Bundle Organics and some seriously life-changing news. Turns out Bundle offers fresh, nutrient-dense, pasteurized juices and teas that are totally safe (and healthy!) for you and your baby. We chatted with Port, Bundle’s newly minted Chief Brand Director, to get the juicy details on her latest gig, why she’s eating red meat and leafy greens on the regular, and the cool thing she and her husband Tim are doing to combat mom-shaming.

Launched in 2013, Bundle Organics is an organic, non-GMO line of pasteurized juices and teas that are specially formulated for pregnant and nursing moms. Each juice and tea was designed to provide the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that a mom and baby need most, with the help of an advisory board that includes an OBGYN and nutritionist (so you know it’s legit).

Port says that she discovered Bundle Organics after she found out she was pregnant and realized she couldn’t get her daily juice on. She got in touch with the company because “I was curious — I wanted to drink juice while pregnant but didn’t want to start my own company!” and “Bundle just so happened to be looking for a revamp.” It was a match made in healthy heaven, and Port signed on as the Chief Brand Director. She plans to use her reach to “educate women, expand the social media presence, and get the word out.”

As for her personal favorite juice in the three-flavor range, Whitney says, “I love the orange carrot. It’s so refreshing and pleasing to the palate, so it’s great for everyone.” The citrus ginger tea is especially helpful for those morning sickness months, and we’re not even pregnant, but that dark berry juice sounds fire.

Since learning she was pregnant, Port says she’s been into all things leafy greens and red meat because “like many women, I’m iron deficient.” We got a peek into her meal plan from last week and can confirm: This Cali girl may be juice obsessed, but she definitely loves her meat and potatoes. Another reason to love these juices — they’re packed full of things like iron, potassium, and omega-3s for max nutrient absorption for those first nine months and beyond.


That’s not to say Port’s pregnancy has been all berries and citrus. In a refreshing turn of events, Port has been using her voice to share her (not-so-pleasant) pregnancy experiences in her YouTube series, I Love My Baby But I Hate My Pregnancy. It’s relatable, funny, and genuine, and while Port admits she “wasn’t into the idea at first,” she’s happy her husband (and TV producer) Tim Rosenman convinced her to get real on camera. She says, “Pregnancy is supposed to be this amazing journey, and it is emotionally, but physically, it’s been hard.” Port shares that not only has the response been super positive, but that she’s built a majorly supportive community in the process, and for that, she’s super grateful.

You can pick up Bundle Organics juices and teas at Target, Buy Buy Baby, Thrive Market, Lucky Vitamin, and on Amazon (among others!).

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(Photo via Whitney Port/Bundle Organics)