We like big butts, and we cannot lie! Yes, we like small butts, too — and all the various shapes and sizes of the super-cool human backside. But according to science, ladies who are packing on a little somethin’ extra in the booty area may actually be healthier than their tiny-bummed buddies.

A study conducted by University of Oxford says, “Population studies show that an increased gluteofemoral fat mass is independently associated with a protective lipid and glucose profile, as well as a decrease in cardiovascular and metabolic risk.” Um, whaaa?!

Let’s break it down for ya: Lower body fat, like that in your bum, can store fatty acids instead of letting them roam around the rest of your bod. Therefore, it can be beneficial when it comes to preventing chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

This is just another reason to love your bootyliciousness, ladies!

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(h/t Pure Wow; photos via Stockphoto4u/iStock + Christopher Polk/Getty)