Hackers have certainly been busy. Yahoo recently confirmed one of the largest Internet security breaches ever, and other major sites like Linkedin and Dropbox have also suffered major hacks in recent years. Now, BuzzFeed has joined the ranks of websites compromised by hackers.

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Earlier today, hackers altered several stories on the website, says The Drum. The hacker group OurMine claimed it was in retaliation for a story posted by BuzzFeed reporter Joseph Bernstein that allegedly doxed a member of their group. The hacker group also changed the titles of several BuzzFeed posts to read “Hacked by OurMine Team.”

The hackers left another note — which was more of a threat, really — saying they had the site’s “database.” “Next time [the database] will be public. Don’t f— with OurMine again.”

The group has claimed several high-profile hacks over the past 12 months. Victims included Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Sundar Pichai, and Twitter’s former head, Dick Costolo. They’ve also targeted celebrities. Some Twitter users said that OurMine had written over dozens of BuzzFeed posts, but the site appears to have dealt with the cyber attack already.

It’s one thing to be mad at a news group for supposedly reporting wrong information, but we think that there are better ways that OurMine could have handled it.

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(h/t Slashdot, photos via Getty)