Your Cards Against Humanity deck has seen better days, but you still want to keep the party going. Introducing Assumptions, a new Kickstarter-funded card game that everyone will love. The concept is simple: match random prompts to their imagined illustration. For example, you may play the phrase “killed a guy” against a drawing of a cute, little old grandma.

“Assumptions consists of a lot of laughing over totally reasonable assumptions about extreme characters, and absurd, explicit assumptions about ordinary looking people,” inventor Tyler Finck says. “Sometimes the juxtaposition is hilarious, other times it’s the most predictable assumptions that win.”

The cards were illustrated by Lauren Baker, who lives in the U.K. She got the job through Twitter: she was the first person to reply to Finck’s tweet in response of needing an illustrator. The game is now available for purchase at for $25.

Would you trade in your Cards Against Humanity deck for Assumptions? Sound off in the comments.