Your closet has probably gotten a good spring cleaning, and you鈥檝e already donated or sold all of the clothes that you don鈥檛 want anymore, right? Right?! Yeah, we didn鈥檛 think so. Well, in that case, you should send them to Carpet of Life. Women in M鈥檋amid El Ghizlane (just south of Morocco) will immortalize your duds into super stylish rugs.

Belgium sisters Hendrikje and Marion Meyvis started the company at the beginning of this year after seeing the hardships in the region. After a harsh drought, many of the men left the region. The women in M鈥檋amid El Ghizlane were left to uphold their households alone. One of the traditional crafts of the region is rug making, but the resources and supplies to make a living off of the skill are hard to come by. That鈥檚 why Hendrikje and Marion stepped in, to empower and employee these women through art.

The women are creating rugs with your clothes, not only because you have too many of them (probably, right?), but because there鈥檚 a serious textile shortage in the region.

All you have to do to get your rug is wash and send the clothing you want to repurpose (towels and sheets work too!). They suggest keeping the colors you鈥檙e sending in mind too, because those will be the colors in your carpet. You鈥檒l need at least 18 pounds of clothing, so don鈥檛 be modest. Just pick a pattern and ship it off.

The price of the carpets range from $430 up to $1,550, but considering it doesn鈥檛 get more handmade than this and you鈥檙e helping to employ and empower women, we think it鈥檚 totally worth the dough.

Do you know of any other companies like Carpet of Life? We鈥檇 love to hear about it in the comments!

(photos by Pam Kat, styled by Sander van Eyck)