Whether you鈥檙e five or 50, the holiday season is a super special and memorable time of year. Your first Christmas, however, is one you鈥檒l remember forever. Okay fine, you probably won鈥檛 remember it on account of you being a baby and all, but your parents definitely will, and we鈥檙e guessing they鈥檒l also take some pretty adorable photos of you to add to your scrapbook 鈥 or at least that鈥檚 what these celebrity parents are doing during their newborn鈥檚 first Christmas season.

chanel nicole

1. Chanel Nicole: Coco and Ice-T鈥檚 baby girl was born just few weeks ago, but it looks as though she鈥檚 already nailing the festive attire. After all, you sort of have to look good when you鈥檙e posting photos to an Instagram account that has 201k followers. (Photo via @babychanelnicole)

leo thames

2. Leo Thames Newman: To celebrate the season, Jaime King and her fam decided take a group trip to LA shopping center and holiday destination The Grove. We鈥檙e not-so-secretly wishing we could copy Leo鈥檚 outfit during all our holiday shopping sessions. (Photo via @jaime_king)

ryan rosenberg

3. Ryan Rosenberg: Haylie Duff鈥檚 daughter Ryan is all bundled up and ready for some wintry fun. (Photo via @haylieduff)

Rafael Baldwin

4. Rafael Baldwin: Alec and Hilaria Baldwin鈥檚 son, on the other hand, doesn鈥檛 seem to be enjoying the cold quite as much. (Photo via @hilariabaldwin)

Holt Smith

5. Holt Smith: Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen took her baby boy and her five-year-old daughter to visit Santa. From the looks of this photo, Holt鈥檚 only Christmas wish is to escape from Santa鈥檚 lap. (Photo via @tiffanithiessen)

Ariah Talea

6. Ariah Talea: What鈥檚 the secret to getting your little one to sleep like an angel? Well, if you鈥檙e Tamera Mowry, it might just be a festively decorated crib. (Photo via @tameramowrytwo)

Scarlett May Stuber

7. Scarlett May Stuber: Sorry, Santa, but It looks like you might have some competition. Molly Sim鈥檚 three-year-old son Brooks and nine-month-old daughter Scarlett both look pretty darn cute in those red and white suits. (Photo via @mollybsims)

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