The Best Looks in Celebrity Hair on Instagram This Week
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The Best Looks in Celebrity Hair on Instagram This Week

Bangs, bangs, bangs. Oh, and center parts. What else is there to say? As it turns out, a lot. Without taking our eyes off all the Gilmore Girls-related news, or gushing over Ciara’s pregnancy announcement, we spied a new It-girl recipe for an ultra-hot hair game in Hollywood this week. Of all the trends and hair colors to sweep through Hollywood strands of late, the wet-looking, slicked-back hair into a messy low bun or pony is the most popular. And while we’re loving the chic new look, we’re also style crushing on the ones that strayed. It’s when a girl can embrace a trend but still keep a touch of her signature style that we know we’ve spotted a true trendsetter. So feast your eyes on this week’s best in celebrity hair — because it’s jam-packed with some seriously stylish vibes.

1. Lucy Hale: Here’s Lucy Hale and her pretty little co-star Ashley Benson totally twinning in their trendy-haired perfection. They might have bid Pretty Little Liars adieu this week, but they did so rocking the red-hot hair look of the moment: a slicked-flat center-parted low bun. Brava, ladies.

2. Zoe Kravitz: Seriously, how haute does Zoe Kravitz look with her new blonde hair? This natural beauty opted for a decidedly unnatural hue, but it brings out her killer bone structure like no other. Here she is looking dressed down and casual, but still effortlessly slaying our hair-loving hearts. She is killin’ it with this super informal take on white-hot hair.

3. Khloe Kardashian: Here’s another blondie with a sleek center-parted ‘do and some stick-straight strands to go with it. Get your flat irons ready, ladies, ’cause this ultra-smooth look is definitely in.

4. Karlie Kloss: Check out Karlie keeping things fresh in her most playful hairstyle yet, complete with those two mini-bun twists that give Bambi a run for his money. This look screams model off duty, and proves that she’s so much more than just catwalks and castings — this glamour gal has a fun side too.

5. Bella Hadid: Bringing us back to business (the business of fab hair, that is) is Bella Hadid showing off her hot new bangs paired with a must-have messy updo. We’re not gonna lie — we think she’s never looked better, and she is totally our hair crush for the week.

6. Zendaya: Zendaya brings us some natural beauty to change up the piping hot trend of slick, center-parted locks. Her beauty game has never been stronger with her hair’s natural wavy texture on display, pulled back into a chic side-parted low bun, for a look that is next-level gorg.

7. J Lo: While we’re on the subject of texture, check out J Lo rocking these super-fun eighties-inspired perm-tastic curls. We’ve never seen our beloved diva in a short ‘do like this, but we’ll leave it up to you: Yay or Nay?

8. Kendall Jenner: Kendall’s looking fresh-faced and fabulous in this decked-out dress, with her voluminous side-parted strands looking downright beautiful. Remind us to turn to Kendall for hairspiration when our lobs start to grow out, because this It girl is proof that there a million ways to totally slay.

9. Shay Mitchell: OMFG — this entire look of Shay’s is beyond hot, with those gently touseled waves on her rockstar-worthy hair. True to trend, it’s parted straight down the middle, and we just added this to our list of post-lob looks we can’t wait to try.

10. Bella Thorne: Before you stop freaking out over Shay’s amazing hair hotness, don’t miss Bella’s ultimate sex-hair style. If hair goddesses exist, Bella might be one, because we’ve never seen messy bedhead look quite so divine.

11. Halle Berry: Leave it to Halle Berry to make casual look fabulous. Her messy, textured shag is the up-and-coming look all the cool girls will be rocking soon. We’ll be keeping keep our eyes on this A-list lady the next time we want some laid-back looks with edge.

12. Kourtney Kardashian: Kourtney Kardashian got the memo already! Here she is in long, messy waves, looking like the punk-rock mermaid of our dreams.

13. Hillary Clinton: We felt it the moment we saw it. This side-parted ‘do, pulled back into loosely curled cuteness, gives off vibes that are straight-up presidential on the little feminist-to-be. All joking aside, we died of excitement when the Democratic Presidential nominee shared this adorable vintage snap from her childhood on Instagram, garnering comments like: “Slay all day.” ‘Nuff said.

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