When the weather starts to change and leaves begin to fall, everyone starts itching for a new ‘do. Whether it’s testing out a new color trend, chopping your locks or just trying a new style, we’re all in need of something to spice things up a bit. If you’re looking to swap out your blonde tresses for something a little darker, check out these 10 celebs who decided blondes don’t have more fun, and went to the darker, sultry side.

1. Emma Stone: This A-lister is one that can rock pretty much any hair color and totally own it. While we adore her blonde locks (and pink lips), the chocolate tone suits her well. (Images via Total Beauty + The Hairstyler)

2. Jessica Biel: Yep, JT’s better half used to have light hair. We’re happy she swapped out her dirty blonde look for something a little darker, while managing to keep her staple tousled style. (Images via The Hairstyler + Her Interest)

3. Rachel McAdams: Back in her Mean Girls days, this beauty was blonde. Since she’s grown out of that role, she has also opted for a darker ‘do. Plus, we’re really digging her stunning, curled lob. (Images via Posh24 + Her Interest)

4. Reese Witherspoon: Back in 2013, Reese Witherspoon went from legally blonde to legally brunette. Since then, she’s gone back to the light side, but still, it was worth the pun. (Images via BeautyRiot + Sofeminine)

5. Victoria Beckham: While we love a good short ‘do, we can’t stop staring at Victoria Beckham’s long brown hair. Curl the ends of your hair under with a large barrel curling iron to get Beckham’s look. (Images via Belle Dress Hire + InStyle)

6. Dakota Fanning: Since when did Dakota Fanning grow up so fast? Her decision to ditch the light locks and choose a chocolate tone made her go from young Hollywood to mature A-list celeb real quick. (Images via Teen Vogue + Zimbio)

7. Hilary Duff: We’ve watched Hilary Duff’s style transform throughout the years, and we have to say that her brunette look was an all-time high. Between the updo and the color, she’s got it goin’ on. (Images via Alexsis Mae + Beauty Editor)

8. Rihanna: RiRi’s hair seems to change by the day, maybe even the minute. Her switch from blonde back to brunette was a good decision, if you ask us. (Images via NDTV + Got Celeb)

9. Shailene Woodley: This Fault In Our Stars star not only made the daring chop that we can’t stop talking about, but she also ditched the golden locks and went for a darker hue. It’s safe to say we’re obsessed with the outcome. (Images via Styleist + Beauty High)

10. Sarah Jessica Parker: We know SJP as a blonde bombshell from her days on Sex and the City, but she’s since then she’s swapped out her ombre look for something a little more sophisticated. The signature curls and center part are here to stay though, and we’re totally fine with it. (Images via Popsugar + She Knows)

Would you switch your blonde locks to brunette? Let us know in the comments below.