We know better than anyone that the checklist for planning a holiday party can seem endless. And even though you’re a seasoned prepper and master hostess, somewhere in between setting up string lights, baking the cookies and placing the party straws next to the bowl of eggnog, you lost track of the time dedicated to getting YOU party ready. So, let’s see… glitter polish takes care of your nails, your quickie everyday makeup routine will do this time around (you owe one to the current #nomakeup obsession) and guess what? Your holiday hair can be hacked, too! Just lean on these 15 hair tutorials for stunning styles that each take 10 minutes or less to perfect with minimal products and tools, so there’s zero time wasted and even a few secs to spare before that doorbell rings.

1. Lace-Twisted Low Pony: This is proof that updos don’t have to be sky-high for maximum impact. Simply pin a glitzy piece of lace trim behind a strand of twisted hair and keep twisting your embellished tresses until they reach the other side, then wrap them neatly over your shoulder. Don this look when you’re rocking a dress that makes your exit more unforgettable than your entrance. (via Refinery29)

2. Faux Bob: Let’s get real, there’s no time for a trim, let alone a major haircut, with your party prep in full force. So fake the long bob look by tucking loosely tied locks up and under to bring your curled ends above your shoulders. Now you’ve just become your own short chop inspo! (via Brit + Co)

3. Wrapped Up Bun: This might be the easiest twist on a traditional chignon, especially since this sleek style works best on second-day hair (prep by doing nothing!). It legit takes minutes to pull your locks halfway through your hair tie and wrap the loose ends around the base. (via Refinery29)

4. Star Garland Crown: This look is less about the vintage-style bouffant and more about the hair accessory, which was made from party garland. Genius hair hack? We think so. So you miiiight want to go a little light on the table garland this year and reserve some for your seasonal beauty kit. (via Keiko Lynn)

5. Thin Red Bow: Here’s another case where some holiday-centric resourcefulness can land you with a party-ready ‘do in seconds. Snip off an extra foot of red ribbon and practice your gift wrapping skills up there. (via Running on Happiness)

6. Twisted Bun: You don’t even need a hair tie to get this majorly graceful look. Divide your hair in two equal parts, knot it up and twist the ends round and round. Tuck, pin and spray in place so it’ll hold while you rock around the Christmas tree in a high-neck frock. (via Once Wed)

7. Glitter Hair Tips: Go mega metallic this holiday by giving yourself a glitter ombre (!!!) hairstyle. Once your hair is pulled up and back (completely in place), brush a mix of hair gel and glitter onto your tips. Let it completely dry before you step into that silky jumpsuit. (via Beautylab, Image via All Women Stalk)

8. Rope Braid Updo: Take this #lazygirl braid to the next level by criss-crossing three segments of your hair (top sides and back) until there’s no strands left to switch out. Pile everything on top to complete this stunning style that would top off a slip dress perfectly. (via Once Wed)

9. Hair bow: Need a hairstyle that will wow as much as the sequined dress you almost bought? Put your own hair up into a wow-worthy bow in just a few more steps than it takes to give yourself an everyday top knot. (via Brit + Co)

10. Knotted Crown Hair: Here’s another anti-braid braid that yields a beyond-dreamy look from the same motion it takes to tie your shoes. Slip into heels and make these the only strands you have to tie this evening. (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

11. Zig Zag Part: Switching up your part is probably the easiest way to transform your look on the fly, so try this unexpected, uneven style that dresses up everything from loose curls to a slick updo. (via Brit + Co, Image via Vanessa Jackman)

12. Starry Hairpin: Once you’ve shouted “Cooooming!” at the door, you’ve got seconds before your head-to-toe reveal. In desperate times like these, fall back on a standout hairpin that can instantly amp up your locks as soon as it’s clipped in. #savedbythehairhack (via Hello Whimsy)

13. Messy Fishtails: You’ve done messy waves to death this season, so rip a page out of our #wokeuplikethis beauty book with tousled fishtail braids. Backcomb to get those tresses nice and textured, then once you’ve tied off your twisted locks, pull each plait apart. How gorgeous would this hairstyle look scattered with rhinestone hairpins? (via Brit + Co)

14. French Braid Bun: Your crop top and wide-legged trousers need an equally modern hairstyle to round out the look, and this French braid bun is it. On one side, a braid that sweeps from side part to shoulder, and on the other, a perfectly knotted bun. So chic. (via Once Wed)

15. Bumped Up Pony: Hard to believe, but you start with totally teased out tresses to get this ultra sleek updo. Just smooth out the top once your head band is in place (the glitzier, the better!) and wrap the sides around and back to complete the way fun look. (via Refinery29)

What hair hacks do you use to get you party-ready fast? Tell us in the comments below.