It’s that time of year again when everything gets a little colder, the layers of clothing multiply, and our sudden newfound desire flat-out need for a deeper hair color sets in. The thing is, we all want to go darker, but it’s never just a choice between platinum or chestnut tresses — it’s all relative, right? Here are 11 examples of where you may be with your current hair color and where you can go from there to turn up the wow-factor just so. The differences in these dyes — colors all trending this winter — are subtle (no unicorn manes here!), but should completely satisfy your urge to change up your look with the seasons. So scroll through to find your new, darker hue!

1. Go from Cool Platinum to Deep Ash: This platinum beauty is stunning and already has her winter makeup dialed in perfectly. If you’re currently a lighter blonde and want to take a step in the deeper direction, try going for an ash blonde with a few lighter platinum strands to create dimension. (via Lauren Conrad + Bloglovin)

2. Go from Yellow Blonde to Strawberry Blonde: Calling all yellow blondes! Winter is a scary place for you bombshells; you want to go darker, but we all know how challenging it was to get to those pretty pale locks in the first place. The last thing you want to do is cross a line that is difficult to turn back from. But a safe step doesn’t have to be a boring one: try a deeper strawberry blonde for this season. Since it still has the same undertones, it will be fairly easy to lighten whenever you decide to do so. (via Dirty Pretty Things + Free People)

3. Go from Sandy Platinum to Deep Golden: If you look like a blonde who has been in the sun a lot, the goal here is to look like a brunette who has been in the sun a lot! Keep the placement of those random, multidimensional highlights by simply deepening your roots and toning a few of your lighter pieces slightly darker. (via Studioshehair + Fashionsy)

4. Go from Blonde Ombre to Brunette Ombre: We’re convinced that ombre has made its mark as a classic style that will never get old. If you are on the lighter side of this fence, just go a little darker with the gradient. Chances are by the time you’re ready for a lighter change, your hair will have naturally faded back to what you originally started with. WIN! (via Refinery29 + Bloom)

5. Go from Creme Brulee to Carmel Coffee: If your locks are similar to the lovely Ashley Green’s ginger frosted, light brown lob, then try deepening your base so your existing hair color will appear brighter and lighter when up against a darker brown, à la Olivia Palermo’s tresses. (via Hair Tips + Fox News)

6. Go from Golden Chestnut to Espresso Raisin: Dark roots and golden chestnut streaks are a beautiful gateway to something similar to Jessica Biel’s dark espresso roots and raisin ends: it’s a very warm hue that will allow you to splurge into a darker look without it bieng too dramatic of a shift. (via Mamamia + Yahoo! Celebrity)

7. Go from Ash Blonde to Ash Brown: If you have brighter strands of blonde around your face in variations of ash and golden blonde like Ciara, try taking your tones to a deeper, cooler arena like this ash brown. (via The Cut + We Like Threads)

8. Go from Dipped Blonde to Dusty Brown: If you are rocking a dusty blonde-dipped mane and would like to join the dark side, this new look is a great way to rock a similar color dimension. Only now, you’ll have warm brown-dipped ends. How easy of a switch up was that? (via Seriously Natural + Just Beautiful)

9. Go from Caramel Cappuccino to Caramel Espresso: Shout out first of all to this insanely popular insanely amazing haircut (oh you have a bob too? Go figure!). If you also have this pretty carmely brown hair, a fun way take it deeper is to darken your roots a few levels and leave your ends brighter and in that comfort zone of what you already know and love. (via Daily Makeover + Style Bistro)

10. Go from Reddish Blonde to Light Auburn: Okay, this one is a bit of a dramatic leap, but why not?! If you have anything similar to Rachel McAdams’ strawberry locks, chances are: 1. it has been your natural hair color since birth, or 2. you know how extremely high maintenance faking this color is. Either way, it’s time for a bold change! So give Drew Barrymore’s auburn amazingness a go. This is another hair color that will fade, so going back to the light side won’t be too difficult. (via PopSugar + Harper’s Bazaar)

11. Go from Deep Brown to Cool Black: You may be thinking: my hair is already dark. Don’t worry, you can go darker! If you already have a deep brunette color like Rose Byrne’s locks, try going even darker with a Kylie Jenner-style cool black. Ask your stylist if a blue, red, green or violet undertone is best for your skin and then do it! (via PopSugar + Blaine’s)

What deeper hair color suits the hue you have now? Tell us your dream winter hair color in the comments below.