Chalk ink art is gonna be a game changer for you! You’ll love all the bold colors and unique chalk looks that you can now start incorporating into your DIY chalkboard signs. Whether you’re a hostess or guest, your colorful chalkboard signs will be the talk of the town. Our new online class, INTRO TO CHALK INK ART, is taught by backdrop and mural artist Kasey Blaustein of Kasey Jones, Ink. She’s going to teach you her chalk art skills, but on a smaller scale, by showing you how to use chalk pens to create pop art-esque designs on a chalkboard.

In this 65-minute course, you’ll learn how to use stencils to mock-up a design, outline, transfer to a chalkboard, fill in your design, add in shadow and details, and so much more!


Enroll early in our new online class, and you’ll automatically be entered into our class giveaway! Three of you could win:

  • A chalk ink starter kit curated by Kasey that includes chalk pens, transfer paper, a chalkboard, and more!
  • Two Brit + Co online classes of your choice!

We’ll pick three winners at random on 6/19.

The supplies needed for the class are shown above. Plus, you can get a few chalk ink pens, a chalkboard, and transfer paper in the KJI Chalk Ink Starter Kit for Brit + Co curated by your instructor Kasey. You can see all the supplies included and order the kit HERE!

By the end of this class, you’ll know how to:

  1. Use stencils (pre-designed!) to help you transfer your mockup onto the chalkboard.
  2. Outline your illustrations and layer on color using different chalk ink pens.
  3. Use white ink to add a shine effect and black ink to make your design pop.

Ready to start creating? Great! Reminder, by enrolling early in our INTRO TO CHALK INK ART class, you can save 25 percent off the class. You’ll also get access to a course workbook (that includes directions on how to create your own chalkboard), pre-designed stencils, and info on how to order your own KJI Chalk Ink Starter Kit.

Need a little more inspo? Chalk out some of the awesome designs that Kasey has created for various events and passion projects.

Lovin’ this modern chalk-style? Us too! Enroll in our awesome new class, INTRO TO CHALK INK ART, today!