Date night can be fun.. until you find yourself stuck in a dinner-and-a-movie rut. Talk about snooze alert. This week, we’re drawing a little inspiration from our favorite stars for our next hang sessions with our boo and our BFFs. Whether you’re itching for a night out on the town like Laverne Cox, want to reconnect with a cooking date like Hilary Duff or just looking for some fun inspiration like Channing Tatum, scroll on to see some of the best celeb dates of the week.

1. Dancing with Friends: There’s nothing quite like a spontaneous dance party with your wife and friends to get you in a good mood, as Channing Tatum demonstrates in his latest Instagram video. Silly times with fun people? Yes, please! (via @channingtatum)

2. Cooking with Sisters: Sibling love knows no boundaries. Hilary Duff clearly enjoys hanging with big sis Haylie when she’s recipe testing for her Cooking Channel show, The Real Girl’s Kitchen. (via @hilaryduff)

3. McDonald’s Date: What’s better than hanging with your friends in McDonald’s? Having a “McRomance” in fancy clothes, according to Sam Smith. (via @samsmithworld)

4. Fun With a Cookbook: Clearly having fun with the authors of new cookbook Heartlandia, Blake Lively proclaims this is the “BEST COOKBOOK EVER” and that “#InMyNextLifeIdLikeToBeTheirGrilledCheeseSandwiches.” (via @blakelively)

5. Piano With Godson: There’s no shortage of adorable as Selena Gomez hangs out with her godson, who, “came to see his Tia in LA.” Nothing like a little piano date with family to brighten your day. (via @selenagomez)

6. Roller-Skating Party: Miranda Lambert is clearly having fun as she and her crew roller skate in a conga line during her most recent tour. “Who’s driving this train?” she asks. We’re wondering too! (via @mirandalambert)

7. Friends + Tigers: Oh My!: In what may be quite the most unusual friend date of the week, Kelly Rowland shows off an adorable picture with a tiger cub while having the “#BESTDAYEVER” at the Black Jaguar, White Tiger Foundation. (via @kellyrowland)

8. Drinks With Friends: Hanging out with someone who inspires you is never bad, as Drew Barrymore demonstrates while having drinks with friend Crystal Meers, who she calls a “go-to for so many smart people for all things beauty, love and fun!” (via @drewbarrymore)

9. Girls Trip: Rejuvenating yourself can be as simple as a girls’ trip with those who love and support you, Nicole Richie says. “They’re the first ones to tell me when I’m being an idiot, and cheer me on every single day.” (via @nicolerichie)

10. Night at the Ballet: Getting glammed up for a fancy night on the town with your friend is just what the doctor ordered. Laverne Cox shows off a fun selfie at the ballet. (via @lavernecox)

11. Cake in Bed: Puppies in bed? There’s no better way to spend your Sunday. Cara Delevingne makes everyone jealous as she cozies up to a relaxing weekend with BFF Kendal Jenner. (via @caradelevingne)

Have these celeb dates inspired you to get out and do your own cozying up this weekend? Share with us in the comments below!