So you’ve booked a booth at your local craft fair, or are at least toying with the idea of getting your product out in front of people IRL. While we all know the secret to e-commerce is spot-on photography, the craft fair market is a WHOLE new game — one that requires you to (EEK!) build out a physical space and interact with your customers one-on-one. To help you navigate this new world of in-person business and set up a winning booth, FedEx is sponsoring our How to Sell at Craft Fairs Online Class so you can take it for FREE through December 31, 2016! Scroll down to check out five amazing booths from makers at our Re:Make 2016 Festival, as well as five tips to get yours looking just as good!



The first step to getting your booth on the right track is making sure to go waaay beyond the standard tabletop. Use the whole height, width and depth of your space to transport customers into your world for a minute or two. Hang things from the background, invest in (or DIY!) some on-brand shelving, throw product in baskets, crates and on racks and add a plant or lounge furniture into the mix. Nipomo’s booth checks all of these boxes and successfully highlights the amazing textures, colors and variety in their products.



There’s nothing cooler than seeing a handmade item actually BEING made right in front of you! Bring a few extra projects to work on during the show or offer to personalize items like Aegis Handcraft did above (genius!). Also, check out how their awesome shelving setup brings the whole space to life!



Drifter Organics represents one of the trendiest product categories at craft fairs these days — delicious smelling things in jars! Stand out from your competitors by making sure to style these out with fun props and risers like these fab ladies did here! They used these fantastic glossy color boxes and trays to feature their product, sprinkled in some natural elements (I spy a coconut!) and added a cute message board sign.



This wonderfully clean and organized booth by Buluchu is a textbook winner for using vertical space to your advantage. Instead of placing product in piles or stacks, display everything at slightly different heights so a customer immediately sees everything that you have to offer (as well as that excellent color coordination!). This creates visual interest, makes your booth easy to shop AND makes everything feel a bit more high end. Go ahead and throw in a plant or two for some life and texture while you’re at it!



Ok people, listen up — EVERYONE LOVES SAMPLES. This is a known fact. So, take a page from Miss Jones Baking Co’s book and give the people what they want! And check out some of the previous tips at work here too. Color — check! Good use of vertical space — double check! Clear branding — all the checks!


Ready to start prop shopping? Before you do, go ahead and also check out our FREE How to Sell at Craft Fairs Online Class through December 31, 2016, and learn more about setting up your booth and bringing in some serious sales!

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Author: Lee Schellenberger
 Photography: Brittany Griffin