Is the cheese ball reminiscent of something your mom would have pulled out for a potluck years ago? You’re not alone. Cheese balls were totally a thing in the ’80s. They’ve made their rounds, and they’re back and better than ever. We’ve got 22 incredible cheese ball recipes that prove it: What was once old is now retro-cool. There’s nothing more welcome at our party table than a big old ball of cheese. You might call them appetizers, but here’s our little secret: Sometimes we call them lunch! Grab a cracker and let’s talk cheese!

1. Peppery Ranch: A selective combination of savory spices create a unique peppery ranch coating for this chive-infused ball. So tempting! (via Pop Sugar)

2. Bacon Jalapeño: We pronounce this the king of all cheese balls. It’s got everything good going for it: savory cheeses, flavorful seasonings, crispy bacon, and a pop of spicy jalapeño. Y-U-M. (via Brown Eyed Baker)

3. Red Velvet: Red Velvet wants her cake back. And under normal conditions, we wouldn’t condone cake swiping. But this time, perhaps it’s best right where it is. Let’s be reasonable. It would take far too long to remove all those chocolate chips. Those. Chocolate. Chips. (via Taste and Tell)

4. Favorite Cheese Ball: One upon a time we made a cheese ball. A cranberry-loaded, walnut-coated cheese ball. Then… we ate it. True story. (via Tasty Cheese Ball)

5. Chocolate Strawberry Cake: This cheese is deceptive. It’ll make you believe you’re eating chocolate-covered strawberries. Scoop into the giant chocolate truffle to reveal a sweet secret: real strawberry pieces. (via What’s Cooking, Love?)

6. Li’l Smoky: Move on over, cheddar. There’s a new cheese in town. Smoked gouda is soooo flavorful. This ball will disappear fast. Make sure you have ample ingredients on hand for a second ball. Yes, a second ball. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Buffalo Chicken: This baby was inspired by buffalo chicken. Because a little wing sauce makes any food better. (via Beekman)

8. Peanut Butter Crunch: Crunchy PB, cream cheese, and toffee bits add pizzazz to this deliciously creamy confection. Death by cheese ball might be a new thing. (via Something Swanky)

9. Date and Blue Cheese: Blue cheese fans, you know who you are. Admit it. You just take this whole cheese ball thing a bit more seriously. (via Epicurious)

10. Poppy Seed Cheddar: It’s simply not a party until you’ve pulled out a giant festive cheese ball. This eye-catching hunk will steal the show on the appetizer table. Party on! (via Williams-Sonoma)

11. Onion and Pepper: Fresh herbs make this one light and fresh. Onions and bright red bell pepper pieces are added to the mix, creating a veggie lover’s treat. (via Real House Moms)

12. Mini Ball Bites: With minimal effort, you can make a batch of these mini cheese bites with impressive results. Customize them by swapping out the cheeses and rolling them in a variety of nuts and dried fruits. We prefer minis over the big boys… because you can devour one all by yourself. (via Five Heart Home)

13. Vegan Cranberry Walnut: This modernized version is salty, savory and just a tad sweet. It’s a great flavorful addition to a party spread and we love that it’s anything but ordinary. (via Vegan Yack Attack)

14. Jalapeño Bites: Bacon and jalapeños with three types of cheese… need we say more? If anything screams “perfect finger food,” it’s these skewered bites. (via Young Austinian)

15. Parmesan, Cranberry and Pecan: Toasted pecans and dried cranberries provide a welcome textural contrast to soft cheeses. (via Cooking for Seven)

16. Toffee Chocolate Chip: Share your heart. Your sprinkle-coated cheese ball heart! (via Shugary Sweets)

17. Chicken Cheese Ball: Chicken makes this cheese ball extra hearty. Because sometimes you just need a little extra somethin’ somethin’. (via Add a Pinch)

18. Salted Caramel Apple Dip: Okay, it’s a bit more cheese dip than actual cheese ball, but we couldn’t help including it. The core of this recipe is a cream cheese spread, topped with salted caramel sauce, Heath bits, and mini chocolate chips. Pass the apples, pah-leeze! (via Brown Eyed Baker)

19. Havarti Cheese Ball: Did you know that cheese balls can be frozen for up to two months? Game changer. Mix up two of these Havarti balls — one for now, one for later! (via Betty Crocker)

20. Mini Balls in Filo Shells: These bite-sized cheeses are savory bonbons. Old-school cheese balls show off modern flair as they sit prettily in their own crispy little filo shells. They’re fun to look at but, more importantly, fun to eat. (via A Spicy Perspective)

21. Touchdown Cheese Ball: Score big time at your next tailgating party when you show up with this bacon-studded baby. In fact, we’ve decided to rename it. A cheese ball this loaded should have an equally beefed-up name. How about “Big Skinned Winner”? (via Kudos Kitchen)

22. Paula Deen’s Nutty Bacon Ball: Here’s fromage that comes celebrity recommended… celebrity as in Paula Deen and Oprah Winfrey. Yep, you wanna make it. (via Paula Deen)

Ready to dive into a big creamy ball? Roll it out in the comments below!