With a little imagination, you can let go of the humdrum everyday and find bits of color in the most unexpected places. Case and point, this awesome illustrator named Cheryl Heap, who’s bringing her cartoons off the page and into some of the world’s most popular landmarks.

From Singapore to Holland, Heap takes a standalone photo of a natural landmark, exotic scenery or a gorgeous building and incorporates her intricate drawings into the landscape. As the doodles “play” with their surroundings, observers get a chance to see some of the world’s great sights in a completely new light.

Heap has even expanded her drawing horizons to places she hasn’t been yet. She’s asked her Instagram followers to tag her on their own travel shots, so she can doodle on them as well.

These creative interpretations of natural scenes and sights are just another way for an artist to play with their surroundings. After all, isn’t designing your environment to make it a bit brighter just like DIY-ing on a grander scale? We say yes, and we can’t wait to see if this trend catches on and other artists start doing their own interpretations.

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