It’s Friday AM, which means you’re probably already counting down the hours til your official weekend begins (yay!) or even wishing that your bevy contained a more exotic fruit than hard apple cider at your work happy hour. So while you’re day dreaming of piña coladas and a warm(er) breeze hitting your bikini-ed back, let your fave celebs transport you a few steps closer to paradise. Whether they’re lounging on the dreamiest beaches or chilling poolside at some exclusive ocean-side resort, these 12 celebrities took their summer vacay early + snapped sizzling pics that make us all wish we were there.

1. Lupita Nyong’o: Lupita couldn’t be lovelier. The Star Wars: Episode VII beauty jumps into a pretty pose while wearing a predictably swoon-worthy sun dress this week in a lush Hawaiian garden.

2. Kendall Jenner: We love seeing fashion darling Kendall Jenner leave her icy stare on the runway and laugh it up while grabbing a bite to eat in the picturesque South of France. Cheese!

3. Lea Michele: Lea snapped all the obligatory vacay snaps on her recent HI trip: A smokin’ bikini selfie, a toast to her temporary #beachlife, and an arms-wide-open shot that shows off the island paradise all around her.

4. Katy Perry: Dressed head to hip in the colors of a tropical sunset, Katy models her vintage-inspired beach outfit while she catches some rays (+ makes US smile) in her palm tree paradise.

5. Lauren Conrad: It’s no surprise that beauty guru Lauren Conrad would protect her face from rays while she’s vacationing on a dreamy, far-away coast, plus her adorably oversized hat makes for a super cute portrait.

6. Solange Knowles: Solange knows that you don’t have to jetset somewhere totally exotic in order to chillax. The stylish singer showed off her DIY kiddie pool skills by dying the water a citrusy hue. “Orange-ya gonna be a big ass kid forever?” We answer with a resounding Yes!

7. Emma Roberts: American Horror Story babe Emma Roberts knows how to chill ocean-side: In a current/sand/creature-free pool, with a crazy tropical bevvy in hand + rocking some seriously cool shades.

8. Taylor Swift: While Taylor balance beams in the soft sand, we can only wonder which of her besties snapped this super cute vacay pic. Could it be beach goth Lorde? or maybe model/eyewear designer/twin Karlie Kloss?

9. Beyoncé: You’re safe betting Queen Bey woke up like this. We’ll continue to dream of having flawless complexion, perfectly tousled hair + being whoever Bey is hugging offscreen.

10. Emmy Rossum: Not only is Emmy Rossum our #1 pick for starring as Belle in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast (yeah, that’s a thing), she also takes top ranking for most covetable swimwear, courtesy of the ever classy Michael Kors.

11. Cara Delevingne: Of course selfie-obsessed Cara Delevingne would bring her iPhone underwater (it’s possible!). We love that the mega model can strike a fierce pose mid-dive + in full-on scuba gear <3.


Kaley Cuoco


Big Bang Theory

star Kaley Cuoco wins our hearts in this hilarious pool party pic of her giving a bearhug to the float of our dreams: A humongous inflatable swan. Way jeal, Kaley.

Which celebs do you follow on Instagram? Did you take an epic vacation selfie recently? Tell us about your summer plans in the comments below.