If you can’t live without your coffee (or “survival juice,” as some call it), but don’t always have the time or ability to grab yourself a hot cuppa joe (and if wearable caffeine bracelets aren’t quite your style), than you’ll definitely want to check out Go Cubes chewable coffee. Yes, you read that right: chewable coffee.

Chewable Coffee Cubes

“What if everything you thought you thought you knew about coffee… is changing?!” we’re asked via YouTube, and OMG WE’RE FREAKING OUT, PRACTICALLY SHAKING WITH EXCITEMENT! (Or maybe we’ve just had too many cups of coffee already today.)

Packing in the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee (two cubes = 100 mg of caffeine), these compact and convenient little pre-packaged squares claim to be a healthier choice with other ingredients including L-theanine (a mental booster that Pop Sugar tells us is commonly found in green tea), B6 and methylated B12. Yummy!

Chewable Coffee Cubes

So, what’s it like to actually eat one of these chewable coffee cubes? According to taste-tester Caitlin McGarry over at Macworld, “The texture is like a Sour Patch Kid, though a cube tastes almost exactly like a latte.” Latte gummy caffeine treats? Hmm. These might be worth a (caffeine) shot!

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photo via Go Cubes)