Do you use a tablet in the kitchen? Have you ever diced an onion on said tablet? Is the thought of taking your Santoku to your Samsung Galaxy leaving you dazed and confused? Yes… we’re being totally serious. Tech-savvy chefs, take note! This may be the future of cooking. Introducing the Chop-Syc, an interactive touchscreen chopping board.

Before you get too excited, this cool kitchen gadget is still a prototype. It was the winning entry in the #GetItDownOnPaper competition hosted by Sharp Laboratories of Europe. Students were challenged to invent something that could solve an everyday problem, with the hopes of landing a two-month internship at Sharp. Siobhán Andrews and her cutting board finished in first.

Okay, so what can Chop-Syc do? First and foremost, it’s a scratch- and waterproof chopping board. Second, it’s a tablet with embedded Wi-Fi. You can browse recipes, websites, and more using the touchscreen monitor. It also has a built-in scale so you can measure out your ingredients and serving sizes directly on the board.

Plus, there’s a rad recipe builder. Once your recipe of choice has been inputted, the builder will scale your ingredients based on the number of people you’re expecting for dinner. Talk about pain-free party prep! The board will also remember your most-used recipes AND add select recipes to your grocery list.

If you want to chop without browsing, you can reduce the sensitivity of the touchscreen as needed. Awe-some.

What do you think of the Chop-Syc? Would you want one for your kitchen? Talk to us in the comments below!