Louboutin red might be the most famous pop of color of all time, and now you won’t just find the striking shade on the underside of the designer heels. Starting today, you can mimic that iconic look on the flip-side of your nails with the latest product in Christian Louboutin’s lacquer line called Loubi Under Red. Consider it a finishing touch that officially makes your nails runway ready.

Unlike the rest of his nail polish collection, this bottle of signature Louboutin Rogue boasts an applicator that’s outfitted with a pointed foam tip instead of bristles to make those hard-to-reach reverse crescents a breeze to fill in. But the pen-like tip also acts as a DIY nail art game changer, allowing anyone to precisely apply intricate designs like half moons, geometric tips and confetti dots to their nail beds like a pro. Splurge on this special touch at $45 a bottle and dream of that day when all lacquers will come equipped with a dual applicator that’s classic brush on one end, precision tip on the other — stiletto-spiked top a must.

Would you DIY the Louboutin mani? How else would you use this nail art brush? Tell the tricks to creating your favorite DIY nail designs in the comments below.