No New Year’s Eve party is complete without confetti. And whether it’s packed away in party favors or scattered across every surface imaginable, chances are you’ll still have at least a handful leftover before the party starts. What to do with this loose tinsel? How ’bout give yourself the ultimate New Year’s Eve mani? Yeah, we thought you’d be into that idea ;)

We gathered the remnants from packets of small confetti to create three must-make manis perfect for partying on New Year’s Eve. Be sure to grab a top coat and a pair of tweezers to round out your supplies. The techniques are super simple: the hard part is figuring out which you’re gonna wear!

Our first nail art design is inspired by what would happen if Pantone decided to make a disco ball. It’s sparkly, colorful, and totally party-ready. The design is full-on bling, covering as much of the nail bed as possible, but even so, we wanted to make sure our base coat wouldn’t muddle the vibrant multi-colored confetti. The no-brainer choice here was to use a clear polish.

Once your clear base coat is on, grab a piece of confetti using the tip of your finger and place it on the nail as close to the cuticle as possible. Since we want to cover the entire nail bed in confetti, place each piece closely together. If you need to adjust the placement a bit, use a pair of tweezers to scoot it. Work nail by nail until both hands are covered, then apply a quick-dry top coat to seal the embellishments.

While the design is bold, this mani is fairly delicate, so make sure to throw on your outfit and do your hair before you execute this design. Also, plan it so that the most demanding thing you do all night is sip champagne ;)

What did we tell you? This mani was made for raising a glass for a late night toast! We love the way the colors pop, even from afar!

We wanted to create the perfect evening look with this silver and black star confetti—a design that would look just as dazzling with a girly cocktail dress as it would with an edgy jumpsuit. So the polish color was key to setting the just the right tone. We went with this shimmery teal: even though the color is loud, its shiny stone finish makes it elegant.

Good news: the nail art designs get easier as we go! After applying a clear base coat, add two coats of color polish, then place two stars on each nail nail—we added three to the thumb for an extra special touch. A top coat is extra important here since the stiff stars don’t form to the contour of the nail. So once it has dried, channel your inner starlet and avoid any heavy hands-on tasks for the remainder of the evening.

Since your mani is already so bold, why not play up the party vibe with a bright coral lipstick? It’s a pairing sure to turn some heads.

With this nail art design, we were out to prove the point that confetti can look classy. Trust us: with a single gold confetti placed on each jet black nail, the look is effortlessly elegant. We have to say, we nailed it!

Finally, the easiest instructions of all: after applying a clear base coat, add two coats of sparkly black nail polish, then place one gold confetti piece in the center of each nail near the cuticle. Add a top coat and that’s it! Now that you know how to do all three nail art designs, which one will you rock this New Year’s Eve?

Looks like we’re goin’ with the gold!

Have you created any awesome New Year’s Eve nail art you’re planning to rock this year? Tell us about it in the comments below!