It’s fun to get festive for the holidays, but decorating a Christmas tree can sometimes be a major undertaking. First, you have to have space for one — quite a feat for many apartment-dwellers. Then, you have to have enough lights and ornaments to keep it from looking like Charlie Brown’s tree. If your holiday stash of cute ornaments is severely lacking (or nonexistent), then you’ll love the awesome Kickstarter we stumbled on today.


Branch is a completely contemporary Christmas tree. Simple in design, it mirrors a bare tree you often see in winter, rather than the lush evergreens most people chop down and decorate. It’s essentially a wooden pole with several easy-to-assemble branches, all made from sustainably sourced ash. It’s so simple and comes across as really cool and modern.


Since the whole point of the design is to keep it minimal, it really lets you put a few special ornaments on display without worrying that the ones you love the most will be overshadowed by bigger bulbs or bushy boughs. As an added bonus, when the holidays are over, it fits into a small, easy-to-store pouch.


England-based designer Demelza Hill is trying to get Branch funded on Kickstarter now, so it can ship out in time for the holidays. You can see more of her designs — beautiful, handmade leather and wood accessories and homegoods — on her website. With just a few hours to go on her Kickstarter page, you can get one of these beauties for a pledge of $345. Nab one of these, and we bet your holidays will be more designer-y and less cluttered this year.

Are you into this minimal-looking design, or do you prefer a more traditional Christmas tree? Sound off in the comments.