A traditional Christmas tree dressed in red, gold and vintage decorations is a magical sight to behold. But if you’re a little less traditional, don’t feel the need to abide by the usual Christmas tree decor. There are plenty of stunning alternatives out there, whether you’re looking for something quirky and clever, clean and modern or just over-the-top bright and colorful. Keep on scrolling to check out some of our faves.

1. Branch Tree: Bare branch trees make for an awesome modern alternative. Go bold with geometric shapes and a bright paper garland, or keep it simple with a few of your most-prized ornaments. (via Rebecca June)

2. DIY Pom Pom Tree: Whoever said paper pom poms were only for wedding decor sure as heck never saw this tree. Throw in some balloons, paper tassels and colored pom poms for a bright and playful tree this year. (via Sugar and Cloth)

3. Baby Pink Tree: We love this baby pastel pink tree sooo much. Anything that reminds us of cotton candy AND presents is a winner in our book. (via Thompson Family)

4. Minimal Wood Tree ($320): Never worry about ornament spacing again thanks to the pre-measured and pre-cut branches and twigs of this sapling tree.

5. Winter White Tree: A stark white tree is the perfect blank slate for brightly-colored decorations. Or, go dark this Christmas with black and pewter tree hangings. (via House and Home)

6. Stacked Branch Christmas Tree: Use real branches to DIY this stacked Christmas tree. Aiming for a modern-yet-rustic look? Go monochromatic with some mixed metallics. (via Kara Rosenlund)

7. Photo Tree: Build a tree of memories this year with your fave insta photos. Because who needs a tower of pine and lights when you can showcase those near and dear to you instead? Add some ornaments and a sparkly “tree” topper for that finishing touch. (via Emily Henderson)

8. Modern Cardboard Christmas Tree: DIY this cardboard tree and have your kidd0s draw ornaments for a non-traditional Christmas tree that is full of character. (via Chatelaine)

9. Technicolor Christmas Tree: Have yourself a technicolor Christmas, let your home be bright. From now on, your home will be bold and full of color. (via C.R.A.F.T.)

10. Simple Pine Tree: It doesn’t get more minimalist than this tree. We especially love the canary yellow ornaments. (via Jelanie Shop)

11. Bucket Tree: Stick a tiny sapling in a bucket and prop it up on a table for a cute and cheery tree that brings some playfulness to any room. Decorate it with some metallic geometric ornaments or leave it bare for a clean look. (via Dreamy Whites)

12. DIY No-Needle Tree: Never pick up a pine needle again thanks to this all-paper tree. Spruce up your office with this beauty ASAP. (via PopSugar)

13. Maple Jubiltree ($475): Let your creativity flow free with this Jubiltree base. We’re thinking garlands, tinsel and a big ol’ star.

14. Baby Tree on a Stump: The stump stand for this snow white Christmas tree is so great we can’t even stand it. And the toy train around the base is quite the classic touch. (via Salty Pineapple)

15. Ladder Tree: Have a ladder hangin’ out in your garage? Dress it up and put it in your living room for an eclectic Christmas tree. Don’t forget to slap on a string or two of lights to make this towering beauty shine. (via Hot Pod)

16. Wooden Christmas Tree: Stack your presents nicely this year thanks to the clean design and shape of this Christmas tree alternative. Add a coat of bright paint to make this really stand out. (via Varpunen)

17. Skinny Geometric Tree: Go ‘80s this year by investing in a skinny tree and stringing up strands of geometric neon shapes. (via La Maison D’Anna G.)

18. DIY Black and White Ombre: HOLY. GORGEOUS. We’re completely starstruck with this DIY tree. The ombre color possibilities are infinite. (via Little Inspiration)

Which of these modern Christmas tree alternatives will make it into your home this year? Tell us in the comments!