We’ve seen plenty of head-turning fashion hit the runway for New York Fashion Week (Christian Siriano’s 10-year anniversary show, though!), but as Chromat just proved, you don’t have to spend a fortune to amp up your style game. In fact, you can simply reach for some snacks at your local gas station — or vending machine, for that matter!

Models at the fashion house’s Fall 2018 runway show paraded down the catwalk sporting a totally unexpected accessory with everyone’s favorite cheese-dusted snack tied to their garments — Cheetos! More specifically, they were of the Flamin’ Hot variety, which has risen to social media cult status over the past year or so.

While the bright snack bags totally complemented the label’s signature bold looks, which consisted of sporty, bright orange, red, green, and blue pieces with snack-ready bungee ties, as Fashionista reports, they also made for a good mid-catwalk bite, with some of the models going so far as to actually munch on the goodies while strutting down the runway. (Hey, we don’t blame ’em: a girl’s gotta eat!)

It’s not Cheetos first foray into the world of fashion, however — as you may recall, the brand lobbied to gets a line of Easter apparel made this past spring.

The crunchy puffs weren’t the only junk food garnishing these looks, however: Some models also stashed energy drinks in their pockets (the perfect choice for washing down cheese dust, if we do say so ourselves).

We’re definitely not knocking it: After all, this is one trend we can for sure afford to get on board with!

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(Photos via Noam Galia/Getty)