We’ve all been there: you quickly pull out your phone to take a picture of something super important (AKA your cat making the cutest face ever) only to be greeted by that dreaded message: “Cannot Take Photo.” Queue all the miserable memes you can find. But after you’ve thrown the most dramatic tantrum you can muster, what’s you next move? If you haven’t really thought that far yet, Business Insider has all the answers you need. In a recent video, they shared everything you can do to make some much-needed space on your iPhone.


The video starts by demonstrating a few tactics you’ve probably already tried: deleting apps, music, TV shows, etc. But there’s one piece of advice we didn’t know before: once you delete your photos, they’re not actually deleted. To remove them completely you have to go to the “Recently Deleted” folder and clear that to fully remove them from your phone. If you’re not super sentimental about your text messages, another step you can take is enabling message expiration, which deletes old texts after 30 days.

Sadly there’s no magic button that will grant you 16 extra GB of storage, but following a few of these tips is sure to get you some much-needed space. May your selfie-taking habits never be threatened again.

What’s your first move when you’re hit with the “storage full” message? Share with us in the comments below.