It’s Halloween time and you *still* don’t have a costume! Don’t fret — these looks will take you no time and little effort to pull together.

Party Animals Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

1. Party Animals:

What You Need:

– black tie attire

– Champagne

– vintage-style animal masks

Bank Robber Last-Minute Halloween Costume

2. Bank Robber:

What You Need:

– striped shirt

– black jeans

– black boots

– pillowcase with dollar sign drawn on side

Strawberry Last-Minute Halloween Costume

3. Strawberry:

What You Need:

– little red dress

– green paper cut into stem and leaves

Black Cat Last-Minute Halloween Costume

4. Black Cat:

What You Need:

– black leggings

– black tank

– black headband with paper cat ears

– the makeup

Pirate Last-Minute Halloween Costume

5. Pirate:

What You Need:

– black leggings

– Hanes t-shirt

– Sharpie markers

– liquid paper (AKA White Out)

– silver glitter duct tape


6. Holly Golightly:

What You Need:

– little black dress

– pearls

– tiara

– cup of coffee

– cigarette

– sunnies

Scarecrow Last-Minute Halloween Costume

7. Scarecrow:

What You Need:

– shirt

– overalls

– fabric scraps

– straw hat


8. French Girl:

What You Need:

– striped top

– black skater skirt

– suspenders

– red heels

– beret


9. Hippie:

What You Need:

– boho dress

– wavy hair dressed up with flowers

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