Just about everybody we know has “get organized” on their New Year’s resolution list. The best place to start is your closet. It’s time to get organized and a big part of that means a purge. You’ve probably got a ton of clothes lying around that just aren’t getting the love they deserve. Why not give yourself some motivation to get cleaning and host a clothing swap party for all your besties? Some of our favorite items of clothing are pieces that came from the BFF Boutique and we bet their closets are hiding some gems for you too.

1. Invite people who wear the same size clothes (and shoes): Since the goal is to help find new homes for items, make sure that people can actually fit into the items that you’re trying to swap around. If items are too small or large to share, then it wont be fun for anyone.

2. Encourage quality over quantity: The best clothing swaps happen when people bring cute, on-trend items that just don’t work for them. Maybe you’ve worn a shirt to death, but it’s still totally stylish — it could be your bestie’s new fave top. Everyone should be encouraged to curate items and bring clean, nicely pressed clothes. Unless it’s a holiday-themed party, that means guests should leave their ugly Christmas sweaters at home.

3. Don’t limit your invitees by style: Clothing swaps are an easy place to try on items that you may never have gravitated towards in a store, but now have the freedom to try on. You may discover new ways to style your preppy best friend’s accessories or your boho-chic co-worker’s shoe collection.

4. Don’t limit yourself to just clothes: Jewelry, sunglasses, bags and hats all make amazing swap items, because size is not an issue. Items that are gathering dust for you might be just what your friends need to spice up their wardrobes.

5. Arrange the clothes nicely as people arrive: Place hangers around the room (bonus points if you’ve got a rolling rack). Set out cute dishes for accessories and clear off a little table for folded goods. Turning your living room into a showroom will make the whole thing feel more like shopping at a fancy boutique.

6. Have a Plan B: There will probably be some clothes leftover after the swap. Make sure to drop them off at your local Goodwill, or trade them in for credit off your next purchase at Cuyana. As part of their lean closet movement, if you order one of their products, they will send you a bag to fill with donations and give you a credit for your next order for sending the stuff back in.

Have you hosted a clothing swap before? Got any more tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!