Oh gluten, how your absence pains so many of us. Without you, pizza just isn’t the same. And while your flour alternatives make pretty damn good cakes, your gluten-free breads are the chalky nightmares that haunt so many taste buds. Without you, even fairy bread is off limits, and that’s unforgivable. For those of you still mourning the loss of carby goodness to gluten intolerance (or are on a low-carb diet), there’s new hope for those of us craving easy bread recipes. No gluten *and* no sugar? Yep. Meet the oh-so-heavenly cloud bread, your new all-purpose bread alternative.

Basic Cloud Bread

1. Pillowy Light Cloud Bread: Eggs, cream cheese, cream of tartar and an artificial sweetener are all you need to whip up these bad boys. Once you get this recipe down you can really start experimenting. (via Cinnamon and Toast)

Cloud Pizza Crust

2. Low Carb Pizza: Time to welcome the glory that is pizza back into your diet. Add some oregano + basil to your basic cloud bread recipe for a flavor that even your hardcore Nonna will approve of. Plus, with toppings like pesto and shrimp, who could say no? (via I’m Bored Let’s Go)

Cloud BAC

3. Bacon, Avocado + Chicken Cloud Bread Sandwich: Whether you partake in gluten or not, this sandwich looks AMAZING. Feel free to modify to you sandwich-loving needs. (via ruled.me)

Cloud Cake

4. Pink Lemonade Cloud Cakes: Perhaps the best part about this airy bread is its versatility. Satisfy your sweet tooth by transforming cloud bread into a keto layer cake and serve it at all your spring parties. (via Tasteaholics)

Cloud Sheet

5. Oopsie Bread: Cookie-like rounds aren’t the only shape for cloud bread (a.k.a. oopsie bread). Spread out batter on a cooking sheet for a lasagna noodle alternative! (via M.I. Gardner)

Cloud Bread Chives

6. Cheese Sandwich Buns: Bake these egg- and cream cheese-based bad boys with toppings like fresh chives or sesame seeds. Add a pinch of salt to enhance their savory quality and have your weekly sandwich arsenal stocked. (via The Sleepy Time Girl)

Cloud Cookies

7. Sweetened Cloud Bread: You can definitely turn cloud bread into a gluten-free + low-carb dessert. This recipe lists honey as an optional ingredient, but we think you should go for it. (via MOMables)

Cloud Loaf

8. Cloud Bread Loaf: If you weren’t sold that cloud bread is the next best thing since sliced bread, well, now you can have your GF sliced bread and eat it too. (via Sparkpeople)

Cloud Pizza

9. Cloud Pizza: One cloud bread pizza just isn’t enough. This vegetarian option is just as scrumptious, and would work well as mini-appetizers for your next get-together. (via 360 Family Nutrition)

Cloud Bread Benny

10. Cloud Bread Benny: Load up your cloud bread with traditional eggs benedict ingredients like poached eggs, ham, spinach and avocado. Or turn your low-carb bread into the perfect base for leftovers. Say it with us: Yum. (via The Sleepy Time Girl)

Have you ever made cloud bread? Share your favorite recipes with us with the hashtag #iamcreative.