Going out is fun and all, but sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than chilling at home with your friends and making your own inventive cocktails. Whether you have a fancy bar cart or just a designated this-is-where-all-the-booze-goes space in the kitchen, there’s no need to hide your alcohol essentials — not with goodies this cute. Here, we’re sharing some must-have drinking items, all available in the Brit + Co shop.

flashing cocktail shaker

1. Flashing Cocktail Shaker ($15): Turn the lights down low and the music up, and move this light-up cocktail shaker to the beat. It’s basically the Lite-Brite of cocktail shakers.

white whale

2. White Whale Cocktail Mixers ($30): Not only will these mixers look way more chic than a bottle of seltzer on your bar cart, but they also taste delicious. With three different ways to pick your poison, step up your drink with a prohibition-inspired mixer made with exotic juices and fresh herbs.

confetti tumblers

3. Gold Confetti Tumblers ($20): Give your happy hour the Midas touch with this set of two gold confetti tumblers. Even if you’re just having an after-work drink with a friend at home, these glasses will make it seem like a special occasion.

copper shaker

4. Copper Boston Shaker ($34): Keep things classy with a copper shaker that will make you look like a professional bartender. We won’t tell anyone you YouTubed how to make a martini.


5. Ficks Hangover Preventive Cocktail Fortifier ($13): If you’re indulging in some libations but actually want to get your ish done tomorrow, this hangover preventive is pretty imperative. The mix of amino acids, electrolytes and vitamin B complex will keep your mind and body in tip-top shape.

shake book

6. Shake Cocktail Book by Eric Prum and Josh Williams ($25): It’s not a cocktail party unless you actually know how to whip up some cocktails, and Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails will help you do just that. The recipes in this book are straightforward and simple, so you can get your drink on ASAP.

gin kit

7. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): Handing over a cocktail with gin you distilled is as impressive as whipping up a dinner with homegrown vegetables and butter you churned yourself. Okay, maybe churning your own butter is pushing it a little, but homemade gin is still crazy impressive. And honestly, it really isn’t that hard.

mason jar shaker

8. Mason Shaker Gift Set ($50): The mason jar craze is not over yet, and this shaker set is next level. Your Pinterest-obsessed friends will be super jealous when you whip this baby out during happy hour at home. The set has everything you need to make all your favorite fancy drinks, including a muddler and jigger.

gold leaf glasses

9. Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses ($56): Plan on serving champagne? These babies are an unexpected alternative to the standard flute. They’re so pretty, you’ll find yourself making any excuse to use them. Hey, if you want to pour yourself a glass of champers on a boring Monday, you won’t find any judgement here.


10. Gold Dots Acrylic Tray ($55): Serve up your drinks in style with this dotted acrylic tray. It’s festive while still being minimalist enough to not compete with the pretty drinks that you’re sure to be placing on it.

drink stirrers

11. Heart Drink Stirrers ($20): These heart stirrers are the perfect finishing touch to making an awesome cocktail. It’s the little details like these that upgrade your group hang from a low-key get-together to a Pinterest party.


12. Stripe Linen Cocktail Napkins ($30): Whenever you have a bunch of people over to drink, there’s bound to be some spillage. Cleaning up with a cute cocktail napkin is way more chic than grabbing a roll of paper towels. These striped ones are so cute, you’ll be hoping for the opportunity to use them.

See anything you absolutely love on this list? Share it in the comments.