We like our jewelry like we like our drinks: strong, multifaceted and colorful. While we love a mani to deck out our digits, some occasions call for a cocktail ring (or two) to turn up the volume on an outfit. Finds like these make us wish we had more than 10 fingers. Keep scrolling for 23 dazzling options that will be the main star of your Instagram feed for a few frames.

1. Crystal Christine Ring ($30): There are 21 stones on this show-stopper — we counted. It’s the only piece you’ll need to jazz up your LBD.

2. Faux Gemstone Petal Ring Set ($7): We don’t need to pick petals for this one — we know we’re in love.

3. Rebecca Minkoff Clandestine Blade Ring ($58): It’s no secret how incredible this icy dagger of a gemstone will look on your finger. And just in case this glacial shard wasn’t enough, they made sure to sprinkle in rhinestones for good measure.

4. Kendra Scott Brooke Cocktail Ring in Iridescent Agate ($195): This multi-faceted, kaleidoscopic beauty is bound to decrease productivity for a few minutes… or a few hours, if you throw in the bracelet to match.

5. Sara Cramer Geometric Ring ($28): The delicate cube beads in shades of lavender and gold will pair perfectly with that floral frock you’ve got in your closet.

6. Matterial Fix Geo Statement Ring ($56): How many different shapes can you spot in this geometry-filled gem? From the setting to the stone, there are too many to count, which is reason enough for us to get it.

7. House of Harlow 1960 Isosceles Ring ($60): A deep cerulean and turquoise stone set in our favorite shape? We can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

8. Rhinestoned Filigree Knuckle Ring ($6): You’ll want to point at absolutely everything with this ring on.

9. Kendra Scott Lois Cocktail Ring in Teal Mosaic ($75): Just when you thought it was going to be a basic white stone wrapped in gold, that faceted teal gem makes things way more interesting.

10. ASOS Cocktail Rings Multipack ($19): The Three Musketeers of cocktail rings — go ahead, wear all three. It’s not overkill; it’s why they come together.

11. Miadora Cat Eye Cocktail Ring ($79): For some reason, we’d feel powerful with this ring on. Maybe it’s the size or the neon-yellow-and-mint color combo, but something’s got us in a trance.

12. Stella and Dot Rose Gold Pave Spear Ring ($34): If you’re looking for something that’s subtle yet sexy, this triple-decker spear ring is just for you.

13. Percher Ring ($44): Winter’s here, and for those of you who live in places where snow falls, the marbled stone of this ring looks like cirrus clouds in the sky.

14. Melissa Borrell Design 3D Printed Open Square Ring ($55): This 3D-printed ring is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Half the fun of wearing it is telling everyone how it’s made: The design is crafted using 3D software, then printed layer by layer in durable nylon.

15. Quartz Arrowhead Ring ($89): Despite the arctic temps, winter is a pretty spectacular season. The quarts on this ring looks like a chunk of glacier, but we promise it will never melt.

16. House of Harlow 1960 Illuminating Rectangle Ring ($68): We adore Nicole Richie’s eclectic boho chic style (and her ever-changing out-there hair color) so when we caught sight of this bar ring from her line, we knew we had to have it.

17. Stella & Dot Rosanna Ring ($39): Nothing like blooming black diamonds encased in cheery poppy pink petals to get us excited.

18. Mineralogy Rose Cut Chrysoprase Ring ($95): Jade is one of those colors that we can wear with just about anything. Adding this chryosoprase ring to your collection is a no brainer.

19. Pushmataaha Shard Ring ($150): Let’s get straight to the point: This ring is stunning. Featuring a rose gold setting and black and white copper calcite stone, this piece is best when worn with a structured sheath or suit in white or creme a la Olivia Pope. Consider it handled.

20: Triangle Point Spiral Ring ($14): If gemstones aren’t your jam and you’re more of a minimalist, this cocktail ring is as simple as it gets. We love the way this basic silver wrap ring is molded to add a touch of design to keep it interesting.

21. A Pearl and Turquoise Union Ring ($67): These two are a match made in gemstone heaven. It’s perfect for everyday wear and night-time shenanigans.

22. House of Harlow Tribal Tooth Cocktail Ring ($78): This sure beats the human teeth jewelry line that Ke$ha decided to launch earlier this year. We’re wearing this fierce piece with a vampy red lip to top off the entire look.

23. Maker’s Circle Vision Ring ($149): It’s crystal clear to us that we need this ring STAT. Ward off negative energy and bad juju with this evil eye-inspired agate and brass ring from Brooklyn-based maker Marta Pia.

Which statement ring made it to your cart? Tell us in the comments!