Selfies are a lot more important than you may realize. Thanks to data analyst, Mortiz Stefaner, we now have a new way of measuring happiness. What started out earlier this year as a study of selfies turned into a super cool interactive tool that allows you to determine your happiness in comparison with others in your geographical location (and everywhere else in the entire world)!

The Organization for Economic Co-operation + Development (OECD) teamed up with Stefaner to visualize the data of various world cities according to eight different categories, which include health, safety, education and income. From that info, they’ve figured out how to quantify happiness. But even more importantly, they’ve figured out how anyone with Internet access can find out their stats. Do you know what this means?! You can check your well-being with the click of a button. Ready… go!

Here’s what happens when you use their interactive map: It will start by asking you to access your location. If you’re a spy and don’t want it to track you down, you can always use the search bar. From there, a color-coded star pops up with a zero through 10 ranking system for each of the eight arms (or categories). The higher the number, the better the performance compared to the other regions.

If you continue on, each category is analyzed further, so you can read more in-depth about your personal happiness compared to the rest of the globe. Pretty cool, eh?

How does your happiness measure up? Tell us your scores in the comments below!

(h/t: Fast Company)