You’ve finally embraced the fact you have a slight addiction to coffee or tea (or both). Now you can finally get started on organizing your pantry disaster zone of tea bags and coffee beans and take time to re-vamp your beverage gadget collection — and DIY your own home brew. If you’re still struggling to create that cute and practical coffee station, the 13 storage ideas below will definitely get your creative organization juices flowing. Just think: Now you’ll have more time to spend brewing iced coffees and enjoying that necessary morning jolt with ease.


1. Energy on Wheels: Harness that #lazygirl status and bring your coffee right to where you are in the morning. If you have a spare corner, tuck this precious cart there for your morning brew. Then you can wheel it — and your coffee — wherever you’d like. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Scripted Canisters: Bring a little typography to your morning with these lovely scripted canisters. They keep everything separate and fresh while still looking chic. Plus you can create them in a day! (via The Lovely Drawer)


3. Personalized Tea Box: Think inside the box for this easy DIY project. Having little cubbies to store your tea bags will keep all of your favorite flavors organized and waiting to be steeped, without the clutter and space of individual boxes. Find printed paper or washi tape with a pattern you love to create your perfect tea box. (via Mahalolena)

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4. Contain Those Cups: Words and coffee are a perfect pairing, so take a letter out of our book and create this piece for yourself. With a few tools, you can have a stylish wall monogram to hold your entire mug collection. (via Pineapples & Coffee Cups)


5. Cake + Coffee: Stack to your heart’s content by repurposing cake stands on your kitchen counter to maximize the space and add a fun pop of color. You’ll be able to fit mugs, canisters and other beverage utensils with ease on these upcycled stands, with room for teacups underneath too. (via Kimberly Chau)


6. Tea Canisters: Compartmentalize all of your coffee and tea goodies in their own antique tin. These tins are too cute to hide away in your cabinets, so give them new life on a shelf or hutch for the world to see how fashionable and functional they are. (via HUNCH)


7. Quick Mug Access: Fumbling around in the cabinets for a cup won’t help you start the morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Make sure everything is standing at attention for you by fashionably displaying it on a space-saving carousel. Once you put your coffee maker beside your cute display of cups, you can rest easy that all is well and organized in the world as your cup of joe is being brewed. (via The Inspired Room)


8. Mini Tea Shelf: Even a mini vertical space-lift can maximize your counter space. Upcycle a small wood box to create a cute little shelf. Decorate with some patterned paper and use it to store all of your coffee and tea goods in an easily accessible display. (via Look What I Made)


9. Bookshelf Makeover: Bring an old bookshelf to life with a few coats of paint. Once you add in the right accessories, like a cute wire basket and a rod or two for dishtowels, you’ll have a coffee and tea station fit for a queen. (via Baked Bree)


10. Uber-Organized Cabinets: Transfer pre-packed coffee or tea to add your own flair. Small- to medium-sized canisters, boxes or trays will help you categorize all of your beverages in one cupboard, keeping your morning routine organized and efficient. (via Four Generations One Roof)


11. Coffee Maker Hideaway: Retreat to your own private caffeine cabinet with this built-in unit for all of your coffee and tea needs. Redesign an existing cabinet with a slide-out shelf for easy access to your coffeemaker. Store your mugs and sugars in the shelves above for a one-stop, space-saving shop. (via Details & Designs)


12. Trayed + Ready: Bring simplicity to the forefront of your coffee routine by adding a tray on your counter to help define the space. Everything stays organized and makes for easy cleanup. You’ll also know right where everything is without digging through cabinets and drawers. (via The Inspired Room)


13. Teacups on Display: Have an odd space between two cabinets? Fill it with your coffee and tea goods! Securely install two shelves in a style you love that will hold the weight you’ll be bestowing upon it — glass or wood will probably work the best. (via Melissa DiRenzo)

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