People seriously love coffee. This should come as no surprise, considering how many coffee shops and coffee chains exist around the world. Add that to the people who brew their own at home, and that is a whole lot of coffee drinking. Of course, the great debate remains: pour-over or French press? Some take the time to meticulously pour hot water over their grounds, while others use a French press to steep the grounds until the flavor is perfect. But what if you didn’t have to choose? A former brand manager for Caribou Coffee has taken coffee brewing into his own hands and created a new way to brew coffee with the Duo Coffee Steeper.

The Duo Coffee Steeper takes coffee to a new level by incorporating only the best elements of both French press and pour-over coffee. The stainless-steel, dual-chamber design offers all the benefits of a French press without the sludge or grounds in your drink, while simultaneously employing the pour-over method.

To use the Duo Coffee Steeper, just add ground coffee and hot water into the upper chamber, then stir and replace lid. After letting the coffee steep for three minutes, twist the duo and let the coffee drain into the lower chamber. Then pour into your favorite cup and enjoy. If you like your coffee on the rocks, you can create iced coffee effortlessly, or even do a cold brew if that is more your style.

Since the coffee grounds are kept separate from the brewed coffee, there is no chance of over extraction, which is a common problem in the classic French press. Tea lovers: There’s a tea filter sold separately that can steep loose leaf.

There are only 300 Duos left for purchase on the site, so if you want one, you’d better act quickly. Over 2,700 people supported the Kickstarter project, and we bet even more will be eager to get their hands on a Duo.

Would you use this for your coffee or tea needs? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.