If you’ve set foot inside a coffee shop in the last week, you’ve probably been slapped in the face with fall. But while PSL fanatics are going bonkers over pumpkin spiced everything, us traditional coffee lovers are still quietly enjoying our beloved pick-me-up with great satisfaction. Whether you’re sipping on cold brews or reading tips for brewing your very own, there’s *no* way to make us forget the incredible flavor of our favorite mocha. Much like pumpkin spice, we can turn our obsession into dessert form too. These 15 coffee-infused delicacies will totally give your pumpkin spice a run for its money.


1. Baked Mocha Donuts: If you’re looking to amp up your morning caffeine fix in the best way, bake yourself a batch of these fudgy babies. They’re coffee-flavored and dipped in a smooth, chocolatey glaze — what more could you ask for? (via Just So Tasty)


2. Mind-Blowing Vegan Tiramisu: This delish tiramisu isn’t only mind-blowing because of its flavor, but because it’s on the healthier side. WHUT. There was *no* refined sugar invited to this party — just some maple syrup for natural sweetening. (via Neurotic Mommy)


3. Hazelnut Mochaccino Cookies: When that afternoon lull hits at the office, we often crave one of two things: caffeine or sweets. These cookies are the perfect way to satisfy both cravings at once. They’re GF, vegan and free of refined sugar, so everyone can enjoy. (via Nutritionicity)


4. Kahlúa Cupcakes: Cupcakes and coffee forever, please! These moist cakes offer the decadent flavor of Kahlúa, while the frosting throws a punch of espresso. If boozy caffeinated sweet treats are wrong, we don’t want to be right. (via Food Fanatic)


5. Coffee Monkey Bread: You won’t be able to stop picking at this monkey bread. Every bite offers a rich coffee flavor, which makes it THE most perfect indulgent breakfast on lazy weekends. (via Sweet As a Cookie)


6. Pumpkin Spice Latte Crème Brûlée: You’re gonna wanna forgo the ‘bux from now on; this is the *only* way to truly indulge in a PSL. With a creamy and pumpkin-y coffee custard, this dessert is torched until it has a perfectly browned sugar crust. (via A Balance of Tastes)


7. Mocha Chip Biscotti: Whip up something with coffee that you can dip into your coffee! This low-carb grain-free treat can be breakfast *or* dessert. Choose your own adventure — just make sure you’re equipped with a hot cuppa. (via All Day I Dream About Food)


8. Coffee and Kahlúa Crème Caramel: When desserts have a custard filling, that filling is usually the best part. The idea of having a dessert that is allcustard is a little too much to fathom. This silky, velvety creation is flavored with coffee and Kahlúa. (via The Kiwi Cook)


9. Cardamom Coffee and Pistachio Cake With Coffee Glaze: The flavor of cardamom just *screams* fall. That, mixed with coffee, makes this the perfect dessert to enjoy with your morning, afternoon or evening brew. (via Dave Bakes)


10. Chocolate and Coffee Cupcakes: Frosting is typically chosen as a background flavor to complement the cake, but that’s not the case when it comes to these bad boys. The deep-flavored coffee frosting owns center stage in this recipe. (via Hey Cakes)


11. Coffee Macarons With Maple Bacon Cream: These stunning macarons have all the elements of a perfect breakfast in one single bite. With the flavors of rich and creamy coffee, pancakes smothered in maple syrup and piles of crispy bacon, who needs an actual breakfast? (via A Common Connoisseur)


12. Mexican Mocha Crinkle Cookies: Thick and chewy chocolate crinkle cookies are hard to resist in general, so imagine that chocolate flavor enhanced by the addition of coffee and cinnamon. We’d suggest these for your holiday cookie swap this year, but sharing *might* be too difficult. (via The Tasty Bite)


13. Almond Butter Espresso Bars: Cookie bars are always a life saver — and coffee just happens to be one too! So of course creating a mash-up would result in amazing things. These bars are also GF and Paleo-friendly, and take just 20 minutes to whip up. (via Maebells)


14. Healthy Espresso Brownies: It’s always a good day when you come across a recipe for brownies that dubs itself as healthy. These rich, espresso-flavored gems are GF and ready for the taking in just 30 minutes. (via Kim’s Cravings)

15. Coffee and Walnut Layer Cake: If there’s coffee in the cake, then we should be able to eat the cake for breakfast, right? Adorned with walnuts and filled with cream cheese frosting, this treat is *love* at first bite. (via The Breakfast Drama Queen)

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