Sure, large spaces are hard to decorate, but try decorating a small space… where to even start? How can you possibly fit all of your furniture into a shoebox-sized loft, let alone make it a happy, color-filled place to live? Hiring a pricey personal designer is definitely out of the question, so what’s a girl to do? We’ve put together 11 ways for you to bring color into that tiny apartment, and believe us, you’ll be happy with the results.

1. Colored Walls: Painting your walls a bright shade is probably the easiest and fastest way to bring color into a small space. (via The Kitchn)

2. Focal Point: The brightest color in the room will automatically become the focal point for the eye. With that hot pink headboard, you probably didn’t even notice the elephant in the room, did you? (via La Garbatella)

3. Mix and Match: Can’t decide between red and purple? Use both. Mixing colors and patterns will make for a happier space, no matter how small. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Kitchen Color: Why stop at colorful backsplashes to lighten up your kitchen when you could add patterned dishes and bright appliances, too? (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Leafy Greens: Plants add a bit of charm to a small space. Now if we could only remember to water them… (via Style Files)

6. Floor to Ceiling: After you’re done painting, add a rug to the floor and consider wallpapering the ceiling for maximum color advantage. (via Little Green Notebook)

7. Accent Wall: A super bright accent wall is just the thing your small space is begging for. Talk about making a statement. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Art Speak: If you’re renting your small space and loathing the no-paint lease, let some bright art do the talking for you. It’s color without permanence. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Garment Rack: Desperate for closet space in your tiny apartment? Use an exposed garment rack to put your colorful clothes on display. (via Smitten Studio)

10. Sparkly Garland: Garlands are a great way to add color and sparkle to any space while still keeping the grown-up feel. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Look Low: Use up the empty space beneath your desk and any tables, but don’t forget to colorize it first. (via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs)

How do you bring color into your small space? Tell us about it below!