From startups on up to massive corporations, companies provide all kinds of incentive for employees to simultaneously boost morale and get the job done. Hit a certain number and score a bonus, sell this much of that and get an “Employee of the Month” plaque proudly displayed on the wall, have a hot quarter and celebrate with a team pizza party. All sound GREAT to us (we could DIY an EotM plaque like no one’s business) but the prize for Coolest Incentive Program Hack Ever goes to an ad agency in Brazil that found a way to make sure their employees get their time sheets in on time every time.

Yes, it’s possible to make the mundane weekly task of noting when you clocked in and out Monday through Friday, the highlight of your office’s week. All you need is some hacker know-how! Casa, one of JWT’s digital innovation hubs, hooked up their time sheet system to a beer fridge that only unlocks when all of the employees have their time sheets in. You can check on the status throughout the day to encourage your cubemate to click “Send” and when it unlocks, there’s even an alarm that signals the party has STARTED!

Watch how it works below:

This seems like a win-win for employers and employees alike. As someone who hates filling out forms (please see: time sheets, time off sheets, the ever-dreaded, never turned in on time expense reports that haunt me in my sleep) the drive to not let down my thirsty coworkers on a Friday afternoon would be fire enough lit under my butt. The company scores too, ensuring productivity and a happier staff with a week’s end toast to its hard workin’ bees. Cheers to your Friday (beer fridge or no), y’all!

Does your company have any fun Friday rituals? Does your co’s keg turn on only when you hit the magical number?! Share below!

(h/t PSFK)